Woodstock 1969, gli artisti e le canzoni: l'elenco completo (2)

Tutte le band e i brani eseguiti in occasione della seconda giornata della storica tre giorni di pace, amore e musica
Woodstock 1969, gli artisti e le canzoni: l'elenco completo (2)

A questo indirizzo l'elenco completo (con video) degli artisti e delle canzoni della prima giornata del festival di Woodstock del 1969.


SECONDO GIORNO (16 agosto 1969)



[DAN COLE (voce); JON COLE (basso e cori); NORMAN ROGERS (chitarra e cori); PHIL THAYER (tastiere, sassofono e flauto); ROGER NORTH (batteria)]

“They Live The Life”                                      

“That’s How I Eat”                                        


“Waiting For You”                                        




“Donovan’s Reef”                                          

“Heartaches By The Number”                                

“Ring Of Fire”                                            

“Tennessee Stud”                                          

“Rockin’ Round The World”                                 

“Flying High”                                             

“I Seen A Rocket”                                          

“The “Fish” Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die Rag”       

“I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die Rag” (reprise)              



[con Gregg Rolie (voci e tastiere); David Brown  (basso); Michael Shrieve (batteria); Mike Carabello (percussioni); Jose “Chepito” AREAS (tromba e percussioni)]


“Evil Ways”                                               

“Just Don’t Care”                                         




“Soul Sacrifice”                                         

“Fried Neck Bones And Some Home Fries”                     



“How Have You Been”                                      

“Rainbows All Over Your Blues”                             

“I Had A Dream”                                           

“Darling Be Home Soon”                                    

“Younger Generation”                                      



[Keef Hartley (batteria); Miller Anderson (chitarra e voce); Gary Thain (basso); Jimmy Jewell (sassofono); Henry Lowther (tromba e violino)]

“Spanish Fly”                                             

“She’s Gone”                                              

“Much Thinking”                                       

“Believe In You”                                         

“Sinnin’ For You>Leaving Trunk>Just To Cry>Sinnin’ For You”



[Mike Heron (voce, chitarra, piano); Robin Williamson (voce, chitarra, piano e violino); CHRISTINA “Licorice” Mckechnie (organo e cori); Rose Simpson (passo, cori, percussioni)]


“The Letter”                                              

“Gather ‘Round”                                           

“This Moment”                                             

“Come With Me”                                            

“When You Find Out Who You Are”                            



[Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson (chitarra, armonica, voci); Bob “The Bear” Hite (voce, armonica); Harvey “The Snake” Mandel (chitarra); Larry “The Mole” Taylor (basso); Adolpho “Fito” De La Parra (batteria)]

“I’m Her Man”                                             

“Going Up The Country”                                    

“A Change Is Gonna Come/Leaving This Town”                 

“Rollin’ Blues”                                           

“Woodstock Boogie”                                       

“On The Road Again”                                     



[Leslie West (chitarra e voce); Felix Pappalardi (basso); Steve Knight (tastiera); Norman “N.D.” Smart (batteria)]

“Blood Of The Sun”                                        

“Stormy Monday”                                           

“Theme For An Imaginary Western”                           

“Long Red”                                                 

“Who Am I But You And The Sun (For Yasgur’s Farm)”         

“Beside The Sea”                                          

“Waiting To Take You Away”                                

“Dreams Of Milk And Honey”                                 

“Southbound Train”                                        



[Jerry Garcia (chitarra e voce); Bob Weir (chitarra); RON “PIGPEN” Mckernan (tastiere e cori); Tom Constanten (tastiere e cori); Phil Lesh (basso); Bill Kreutzmann (batteria); Mickey Hart (batteria)]

“St. Stephen”                                             

“Mama Tried”                                              

“Dark Star”                                              

“High Time”                                                

“Turn On Your Lovelight”                                  



[John Fogerty (voce, chitarra, armonica e piano); Tom Fogerty (chitarra, voce); Stu Cook (basso); Doug “Cosmo” Clifford (batteria)]

“Born On The Bayou”                                       

“Green River”                                             

“Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won’t Do)”                        



“Bad Moon Rising”                                         

“Proud Mary”                                              

“I Put A Spell On You”                                    

“The Night Time Is The Right Time”                          

“Keep On Chooglin’”                                      

“Suzie Q”                                                 



[con Terry Clements (sassofono); Cornelius “Snooky” Flowers  (sassofono e cori); Luis Gasca (tromba); John Till (chitarra); Richard Kermode (tastiere); Brad Campbell (basso); Maury Baker (batteria)]

“Raise Your Hand”                                         

“As Good As You’ve Been To This World”                     

“To Love Somebody”                                         


“Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)”                           

“Kozmic Blues”                                            

“I Can’t Turn You Loose”                                   

“Work Me, Lord”                                           

“Piece Of My Heart”                                       

“Ball And Chain”                                          



[Sly Stone (tastiere, voce); Freddie Stone (chitarra e voce); Jerry Martini (sassofono); Cynthia Robinson (tromba); Rose Stone (tastiere, voce); Larry Graham (basso e voci); Gregg Errico (batteria)]


“Sing A Simple Song”                                       

“You Can Make It If You Try”                              

“Everyday People - Dance To The Music -

Music Lover - I Want To Take You Higher” (Medley)                               

“Love City”                                               




[Roger Daltrey (voce); Pete Townshend (chitarra e cori); John Entwistle (basso e cori); Keith Moon (batteria)]

“Heaven And Hell”                                         

“I Can’t Explain”                                          

“It’s A Boy”                                              


“Amazing Journey”                                         


“Eyesight To The Blind”                                   


“Acid Queen”                                              

“Pinball Wizard”                                          

“Do You Think It’s Alright”                               

“Fiddle About”                                            

“There’s A Doctor I’ve Found”                              

“Go To The Mirror Boy”                                    

“Smash The Mirror”                                         

“I’m Free”                                                

“Tommy’s Holiday Camp”                                    

“We’re Not Gonna Take It”                                

“Summertime Blues”                                         

“Shakin’ All Over”                                       

“My Generation”


questo indirizzo, invece, è disponibile l'elenco completo (con video) degli artisti e delle canzoni della terza giornata del festival di Woodstock del 1969.                                            


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