Tyga Tyga - Tyga

(Tyga Tyga you're burning bright)x3
(The darkness of the night)
Everywhere I been
Every place I go
All got one thing in common
You see
They all call me by one thing
(Tyga Tyga)
At my shows as we roll and scream people see him and say
(Tyga Tyga)
I'm so nice gotta repeat me twice now everybody say
(Tyga Tyga)
Don't matter what those other groupies say I'm on my way
Yah I'm on my, I'm on my way...
(Paragon star it's Tyga Tyga ya'll)
Both knuckles up demos in a duffel uhn
Bad colour sepia who said I ain't good for nothing?
Respect my hustlness Madames get to mumblin
Cause I'm coming with coloured skin ask me what my momma thinks
Along to my beats these things compliments it's bad to see once laughed at me cause I had a dream
Now they wanna relax sit back with me
I recline the cline when they speak, no room to breath
Look in my eyes you see lies and truth
That defeat guys who sized life knee high see ya'll
One day after I die niggas long ways
Got a strong case to demonstrate fore I elevate
As the swagga serenades I see evil hate turn for great and mission MIA
The non fake
Put a large cake on my plate with a lil' bass they scream and say say
*Chorus and Background*
How many marksmen do you know in the local projects?
How many niggas hold you down when the shit is started?
Been counted
That's why I ain't heavy mobbing
Got a low key crib cause bitch is retarded
Repeat in their head they with you
On some all day shit
They get me nauseous
Small apartment do all your dirty laundry
Cause word spreads to everybody and their aunties
No pretzels but shit is salty
Can't even trust the modders
You might spot em
Go hare and bone pop shit
Stop it
My details will leave a mosh pit
Honest this kid is...
*Chorus and Background*
On my way to the penthouse
Tend to the little mi-ha
Her friend like meet her
You don't know Tyga?
She don't really care about neither
Either I'm too far where her mind can't reach up
Or she don't like music making money niggas
I do note I don't got time and maneuvers
Like that voodoo
Like that you knew
Me don't
I'm already I high rap guru
Fume flew right past you
With something to mac in
And marry catholic accurate so exaggaitive
Average chicks think I'm not bagging em
I still go in I just love it when they call em.
*Chorus and Background*

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