4am Flex - Streaming - Tory Lanez

Tell me how you feel about a nigga
Coming through on a 4am flex shawty
We done came down off a mission now
It's time for the 4 am flex shawty
Link around 2 did the mission around 3
You the 4 am flex shawty
I'm on my way right now
On this 4 am flex, yea

You don't like flaw bitches
I don't like hoe niggas
We on some same shit
I hit that smoke with ya
I pour that 4 with ya
You on the low
Well yeah I'm on the low with ya
Pick up and go get you
I might just trust you enough to leave all my drugs
And leave all of my dough with you
I leave it all around 4am

I just hit you up for the 4 am flex now
I'm riding down the west end shawty and I'm about to make the left right now
She live in Driftwood
All of her fam is from Shoreham
She knows to read if the lick good
Shorty gon stick to the program
I'll never, don't have no issues
That how you know that I'm with you
She so official that she will get the pot
And she'll throw her own 4 in the mixture
Pull up to the function on 4s
Like a nigga had 2 plus 2 on the wheels nigga
I'ma keep it real with ya friends
I need you plus you plus you on my deal shawty
All up at the 4 am flex
Cause the 3am ain't really go good on the real shawty
4am flex and I'm watching for the cops
And I put that on the hood shawty

Come on my nigga, shut up my nigga you gon wake this nigga up
Ayo my nigga, I'm trying
Shit, my nigga put the shit in the bag, let's go
Let's go
Ay shit, yo yo yo yo yo yo, I think this nigga waking up
Oh fuck oh shit
Ayo who the fuck is that in my house
Shit, go out the front door, go out the front door
Let's go, run to the car, run to the car, run to the car
*Shots busting*

Me and The Homie watched me pull off the corner
Inside of an old Honda Accord
The feeling felt like a torture
The nigga that we just robbed popped one in his shoulder
It led to me pulling over, to checking and telling him dawg
Just take the passenger seat and I'll hit the road
Cause it's way too many police out here to feel like we low
My back windshield broke and the driver seat soaked
From the blood that was previously leaking from his coat
We switch sides while I put this shit to drive
At 80 some odd miles, I'm shiftin the gear to 5
Hopin' that them 5-0 pigs don't see the ride
Cause normally I ain't scared, tonight there's fear in my eyes
My phone blingin' cause my girl at home clingin'
And unaware of the problem this night on the road bringin'
Then I pick up the phone and tell her I'm speedin' home
As soon as I drop my dawg at the emergency room

Writer(s): Daystar Peterson, Daniel Gonzalez, Sergio Romero
Lyrics powered by www.musixmatch.com


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