Just Monika: A Doki Doki Literature Club Song - Random Encounters feat. Or3o & Adriana Figueroa

Welcome to our meeting!
Are you into reading?
No need for being coy!
We'll improve your uptake!
Have a friggin' cupcake and must you bring a boy?
Time to write some poems!
Don't be scared to show 'em! The festival's days away!
You could help with baking!
Or with banner making!
And I'll walk home alone today

Maybe we're friends, maybe we're more
How could he love a simple girl next door?
I'm just not the type he's looking for!

Hey, Sayori, you doing okay?
I'm having a difficult day
I'd say! You seem pretty lonely!
I wish I could make her grin
All she wants are things back the way they've been
She's depressed and stressed and she's
Feeling blue, so I don't want Sayori hanging around you!

Just Monika, just Monika, just Monika, just Monika
Just Monika, just Monika, just Monika, just, just Monika

Manga is my passion, don't you dare be bashin'!
The writing's got finesse!
Maybe you should borrow these until tomorrow
Were you looking up my dress?
Let's go read a story!
What about Sayori?
Let's talk about me instead!
I've been learning piano!
And I sing soprano! And I can't get you out of my head!

Can't look away, can't help but blush
Where did I get this overwhelming crush?
It's sharp as a knife and twice the rush!

There's something I think you should know! I've never seen Yuri so-
Sane and chill and still kinda sweaty
And I don't mind cutting to the chase
I'm in love with you and you're gorgeous face!
That's a sentiment I can't allow!
So my dear friend Yuri is getting the point now!

Just Monika, just Monika, just Monika, just Monika
Just Monika, just Monika, just Monika, just, just Monika

Could you have guessed? Maybe you knew? Natsuki is next
I'm deleting her too!
We don't need cupcakes or poems or tea, I only need you to love me!

Hey, there's no one else in our way
So look at me and just say, right here, my dear that you love me!
And we'll sit here 'til the end of time 'cause I've earned this and
You're finally mine!
And I'm sorry what you've had to see, but it
No longer matters, 'cause now you belong to me!

Forever, forever, forever, forever (just Monika...)
Forever, forever, forever, forever (just Monika...)

Just Sayori, just Sayori, just Sayori, just Sayori
Just Sayori, just Sayori, just Sayori, just Sayori

Writer(s): Random Encounters
Lyrics powered by www.musixmatch.com


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