Pokemon University - Random Encounters feat. Jwittz, Shofu & NateWantsToBattle

Hello there, Welcome to the world of pokemon
Tell me
Are you a boy or a girl?

Are you a boy or a girl?
(Bell rings)

We're on our way!
First day of class!
Junior trainers!

Professer Oak puts me to sleep
Teaching TM's
I can't help but count Mareep!

Gym leaders!
Poke breeders!
Smell ya later, Gramps!
Gonna meet our new teacher!

I've a course on Fighting-
-It's pretty darn exciting!
Alas, It's all online, So it's mostly just all writing...

Oh we're gonna be a master!
Starting our semester!
Learning from professors
About Pokemon

Taking all the courses!
Citing all our sources!
Write what Sycamore says
About Pokémon!

Spoken: It looks like you worked pretty hard, F+

Sung: Professor Elm
Became confused...
Where do these eggs come from?
I have no clue!

He lost his notes,
Was late to class...
Got jumped this morning
While walking through a patch of grass!

Aced "Trading!"
"F" for fainting!
Should have done better,
But Rowan was grading...

Got a "B" in
"Berries Your Pokémon Might Carry!"
Tonight, you're writing papers
Judging Dragons versus Fairies!

There's a Pokedex project that's due
On next Monday morning...
Try tossing apples instead...

Add one drop of repel...
Or was that potion...?

I hate every color but RED!
There's a test on battling ghosts-


Sung: Origin theses are due...
There's a simply revolutionary
Mega Evolutionary
Form that's truly brand-spanking new!

Spoken: This picture is not very good

Sung: Gonna be a master!
Starting our semester!
Learning from Professors
About Pokémon!

Staying late completing
All required reading!
Spending lecture Tweeting
About Pokémon!

Gonna be a master!
Starting our semester!
Learning from Professors
About Pokémon!

We'll continue waiting!
We're anticipating
Finally graduating
To catch Pokémon!

Paying student loans to study

Students: Aw

Spoken: This musical is not very good

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