Jahphy Joe - Random Axe feat. Melanie Rutherford & Danny Brown


YO, Oscar Madison rap, you sloppy flow
Rose petals on every step, I'm Japhy Joe
No signals to the connect when I cop my blow
Big bills strictly so a nigga cop and go
Fuck outta here, Ruck
Tough outer wear
Ralph Lauren and a gun, the one that the shottas wear
I'm a street dude, I fuck with the best goons
Eat berries off the trees and fix they own flesh wounds
Happily married, I don't chase no bitch
You can die in the street, beat, raped, or chase dick
The clip hold ten but a nigga just flamed seven
To push your top back, have you lookin' like James Evans
When 2Pac Shakur got locked up north
I had two block of raw and a Glock for support
Listen, Sean Price with a ape look rage
No MySpace, Twitter, or a Facebook page

Uh, oh. Watch out. You never seen em' comin'
Niggas ain't sayin' nothin'
And now we done started somethin'. Oh


I remember trying to get a deal, shoppin' for a listen
Feelin' like it honestly wasn't no competition
And my mama was the only one that listened
I guess she saw my struggle and followed her intuition
Years later, I'm one of the best, not even close
So instead of poppin' a toast, I dropped what I wrote
And stand out, I'm exceptional, some say incredible
All while enjoyin' my view from a pedestal
Crowds clap for me
Back then I clapped at crowds and scrapped the "D"
Yeah, when I say "D" I mean heat
In Detroit they destroy and delete
Still, I'm the creme de la creme
I point out them and stomp limbs with with my Tims
BK to D-E-T, 'till my enemies R.I.P

Uh, oh. Watch out. You never seen em' comin'
Niggas ain't sayin' nothin'
Now they done started somethin'. Oh

Danny Brown

I knock you out your pennies with the semi-chrome
Don't get that ass burnt like Penny with the hot comb
Show up in your city, stake out in a motel
Now somebody's watchin' you, nig I'm like Rockwell
Used to rock Rockports, Swisher and a Carhartt
I would never fuck your bitch, she look like a aardvark
Three cars parked, you thinkin' that's just a car park
Till you try to start your shit and it turn to car parts
Nigga, quit talkin' 'bout you poppin' yo tooly
Before your life end like a Mafia movie
I popped a couple pills now a nigga feel woozy
So when I say I want some rolls, I ain't talkin' sushi
Bitch, go on with that little ass coochie
A nigga been nutz (?)----(?) cap on Stewie
I fuck with model bitches, while yall fuck with Ratatouilles
I'm Malcolm in the middle, when yall lil' niggas Dewey

Uh, oh. Watch out. You never seen em' comin'
Niggas ain't sayin' nothin'
Now they done started somethin'. Oh

Writer(s): Sean Price, Curtis Cross, Byron Simpson
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