Flip the Script - Packy

Laid back, way back, I be on some fly shit
Parlay'n with the crew, bar layin' in the stu
Used to think about a way to make a living
Now I'm chillin'
Thinking 'bout a way to make a killin'
Dollar in my pocket but I'm thinking 'bout a mil 'n
God willin', take this elevator to the ceilin'
I bet they love me in a minute
I bet they wait until the day I say I did it
That's cool, make some room for me on that sofa
Let my dudes know that I'm posted
Tell them cool chicks to come over, yup
I'm just living the life, ignoring advice
Pouring a drink, throwin' the ice
Bet on myself, rollin' the dice, yup
It's like that when I'm nice
I won't make enough to do everything
I'll make enough to do everything twice
Can't tell me nothing, I'm up in the sky
Over here floating and not even high
How does he do it? The dude is so fly
How does he do it? The dude is on fire, yup

Crazy how we do it now
Crazy how these lazy suckers wonder why we movin' out
I bet they love me in a minute
I bet they wait until the day I say I did it
That's cool
It's really nothin', I'm doin' me
I'm at the point where all the benefits are new to me
And all these girls, man, they know what they do to me
All about the pillow talkin', speakin' fluently
But no man, I don't trust 'em all
I rather have the money
Rather have a place on the beach where it's sunny
Got a lot of shit goin' down
World in my hands and it's spinnin' round, round

'S good with it? Straight from the burb
'S good with it? Straight from the burb
'S good with it? Straight from the burb
But they got heads riding through the hood with it

I've been thinking lately this is ours for the taking
Taking hours, take a second, take your spot if it is vacant
History in the makin'
Used to be afraid to say it
Now I feel it in my soul, I ain't even playin'
I'm enjoying every minute, killing every record
Bill it to the game that I'll be running in a second, yup
Flip the script and we on
Finally getting love in my city so it's only right that we gone
That's how it goes

I'm so far out of here
So deep into this I don't gotta fear
Nothing, long time coming
Wrong type dude to be out here stuntin'
But I feel like I got a right to bad ass broads
When they see what the kid on the mic do
I could get used to the limelight
Got the whole crew getting loose 'cuz I rhyme tight
Forget about it we too twisted
Forget about it we too...

Writer(s): Patrick Duda, Matthew Duda
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