Creeping Out Sara - NOFX

I was backstage at a festival in Germany
Talking to a cute, fair-skinned brunette
I asked her if she wanted to have a beer and if she liked our set
I noticed that her hair was longer in the back
I figure that's 'cause she's Canadian
That's why I was surprised when she told me she was fully lesbian

That's when I realized it was Sara
Or maybe it was Tegan
I'm pretty sure that it was Sara
'Cause Johnny Sampson said she was the cooler one

I told her I was a big fan of her band
She asked me if I had a favorite song
I admitted that I'd never actually heard them, but I like k.d. lang
I told her this Jew knows about the Junos
And how they got robbed three times in a row
And then I asked her if she knew of
Anyone who was selling pills or blow

That's when I creeped out Sara
Or maybe I just pissed her
Off when I asked her if her sister
And her had ever had a threesome
Where they both ganged up one girl
A forgy or a fivesome
Do they think strap-ons are groovy
And had they ever seen the movie
Bound and did they like Jennifer Tilly
Did they like Jennifer Tilly

Sara said she
Preferred Gina Gershon
Angelina Jolie
In the Gia movie
That was on HBO
And If These Walls Could Talk
Made Tegan cry a lot
After that I forgot what she said

That's the problem with diazepam
So many things I don't remember
But I've got a sinking feeling
It's not that I'm a clair-
-Voyant but I think I creeped out Sara
I was creeping out on Sara
I hope it wasn't Tegan
'Cause Skiba said she is the cooler one

Writer(s): Fat Mike
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