Why Can't We Live Together - Mystic Diversions

Westside, westside
I'm from the westside, westside
Westside, westside
Westside, westside
My new girl in all black like Wednesday Adams
She used to go to private school
Got a cool attitude, I'm flattered
Don't wanna talk about what don't matter
Like how I used to ship out to Atlanta bumping Country Grammar
What would you do?
What would you do?
What would you do?
If you could get with me and my crew
What would you do?
If you could smoke with me and my crew
They wonder why we never leave the ghetto
I can't get you out of my mind
I never leave the ghetto, no
I can't get it out of my heart
Never leave the ghetto
Westside, westside
I'm so westside, westside
Never leave the ghetto
Westside, westside
Never leave the ghetto
Westside, westside
I'm a man of many hats
All my skills intact, vibe so laid back
Got the game to make these hoes react
They ain't fuckin, we don't call those back
I come at her like
Ay I like the way that ass bounce
Like you coming straight down from the bay
Young niggas, we don't play
If your homie got a problem with the crew
That nigga better pray
Boy I do this every-day
If they fucking with the pay
I'm a hustler I'm gonna get it anyway, come on baby
The pussy wet, let me swim these laps
I never gave a fuck what you niggas say, whatchu saying
Man, shit ain't rocket science
That bullshit you talking, I ain't buying it
Got a nigga feeling violent
I wish you wack niggas retire
Cause ain't none of you shit inspire me
You don't meet the requirements
Weak pussy, like the bitches you ride with
And nigga I don't need no sidekick
I be that fly nigga
Han solo slide dolo through the city
I don't really need the promo
I know you see me nigga
Westside, westside for your mind one time
Eastside, eastside for your mind one time
Have you ever heard of a slaughter?
Don't get caught slipping
Sipping on that Hennessy be getting niggas tripping
We grew up with bangers
Probably smoked a blunt with every fucking gang
It's a D-E-S-T thang!
Good Joon from the SC, South Central
Moved to Pasadena from 106th and Denker
It's true what they say
You can take a nigga out the hood, but the hood gone be in him
But I don't want a issue
But if you need it I got a cool pair of hands and a big ass pistol
I just wanna see a movie with your sister
At the drive-in, blowing kush out the window
We only roll fat blunts, no pencils
Shit, I'm so West I dropped out of college
Started popping my collar, locked in with my niggas
Now we out here getting dollars, Momma told me to be a scholar
I told mama I'm a stoner
My first car was a green Impala, you shoulda known it
Pops found out from smelling my car
One morning after being with the homies
But he didn't trip on me
Cause at that time, him and my grandma was still smoking
Apples don't fall far from the tree
Whole family blow, got the whole house reeking
Bumping some G shit, probably sipping Olde English
I prefer Miller High Life when we party for no damn reason
Tis the season, to be sleazy

Writer(s): Timmy Thomas
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