A Distinctive Sound - Gotye

This will teach them how to groove
All right, let's get aquatinted
(Hello there)
Music from the bass perspective

This is a journey into sound
A journey which along the way will to bring you
New color, new diminution, new values
And a new experience - stereophonic sound

(And now ladies and gentlemen, our feature act tonight)
(Get it, get it, get it!)

Come on, Come on, Come on

That was the harpsichord
Now-a-days, most homes seem to prefer
The television or radio, to the harpsichord,
But you still hear the piano, all the time
A flute couldn't do that

These are some of the difficulties
With being a disposition and talking to you
And just wanting really deeply to relate to you
And touch you - not physically - but with vibration
(Ha ha ha ha)

Never heard metal sound like that before

The drummer is the heartbeat
Everything comes from him
He is the beat, the time, the heartbeat
It's just like a heart pumping blood
To the rest of the body
He is the heartbeat of a band, a group
He is the heartbeat

I think around midpoint in my career
I started to experiment with sounds
And then it became very important to
Get a distinctive sound
Get a distinctive sound
Get a distinctive sound

Maybe if I spend more time practicing,
Eventually I can get it together

Um - here's some more music

All right! Here we go!
Now were going to use a little power kicks
Like I showed you before
We're going to chuck-em real good
A-minor to F
Just like all the heavy metal guys use, okay
Lets get some of that smoke just like on MTV
Yeah! all right!

Music - all right
Yeah! all right!
Would you say that again
Yeah! all right!
Let's play a note
Yeah! all right!
Here's some more music
Yeah! all right!

Get a distinctive sound
Get a distinctive sound
Get a distinctive sound
Get a distinctive sound

We've covered a lot of ground, haven't we?
If there's a part of our story you don't understand
Why don't you turn this record over
And start playing over again
Over again
Over again

Writer(s): Walter De Backer
Lyrics powered by www.musixmatch.com


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