Costume Party - ‘Come From Away’ Original Broadway Cast

3:45 a.m. Overnight,
The community's population has gone from approximately 9, 000 to 16,
I'm sure barely any of us have slept tonight.
We're hopeful that our visitors will be back in the air come morning
I woke up from this dream which I can't quite remember,
But there was this music in it that I'd heard somewhere before
I woke up from a dream that we were stuck in some
Backwater Canadian town and that my air mattress deflated
I woke up to the smell of... freshly baked bread?
4 a.m. in Newfoundland is breakfast time in Germany.
And we got a lot of passengers here from Frankfurt,
So breakfast starts at 4 a.m. and we start scrambling eggs
Poached eggs, scrambled eggs, omelettes
Fried Bologna
Something called "toutans."
I saw a casserole dish I don't think I could lift
They made enough food to feed 7,
000 people. It's like they never slept
There's this one man - from the Middle East - well,
We don't really know.
Hasn't said a word to a soul - and some of the other passengers seem
A bit wary of him.
So it's a little odd to find him poking around the kitchen
Hello. Can I help you with something?
I would like to be of assistance. With the food
Oh, no. That's not necessary
But I am -
Really. You go out there and sit down
I've been going all night, but I can't stop. None of us can.
I splash some cold water on my face and just keep going. We've got 7,
000 scared and angry people who don't
Want to be here. And they're about to wake up

In a crowded room
Filled with strangers sleeping

An airplane blanket
And pillow on the floor

The sun comes streaming
Through the window
And I can't sleep anymore

Staring at these strangers
Waking up around me

Sitting in a crowd of people
Waiting for the phone

And in a town that's suddenly
Doubled population
I feel so alone

It's like any of us could have died
On Tuesday

And like we're dared to see things
Differently today

I'm feeling different



Who are these people here?

Where am I?

No one knows me here
Who am I if I don't feel like
The me from yesterday
I wake up in a crowded room full of people sleeping
On the floor and I see Diane and ask, "Are we leaving?"
Any time now
Is your hair different? I mean... you look good. I like it
Hm! Thank you. No shampoo for three days
They start handing out clothes to anyone who needs them
I haven't changed my clothes in 39 hours
I wanted to burn my socks
Kevin puts on this plaid thing.
He says he's "incognito" and that he's going to "blend in
With the natives," but he just looks like a gay lumberjack

Changing into another woman's
Donated set of clothes

Looking different -
Feeling kind of different too

I can't quite explain

But when I woke

When David wasn't on that plane
It's like I changed into somebody else
But who?
And it's somehow like we're at a
Costume party

And for a second you are not yourself

You are not yourself

And you look around
And blink your eyes

And barely even recognize
The person in the mirror who's
Turned into someone else
Hey Little Sister - Yeah,
Still here where they eat rainbows for breakfast.
Are you taking care of mom? No. I just wish I was home. No, not LA.
Brooklyn. Shut up.
You're such a brat. No, I just needed to hear your voice
Excuse me? Are you Hannah?
Yeah - that's me
My name's Beulah - someone told me your son's a firefighter... Yeah,
Mine is too. Here in town.
And I know Gander's not New York but... Is there anything I can do?
No, I just need to hear from my son
I understand

Praying for a phone call

Praying for a way home
Asking questions

Asking can I get back on that
Godforsaken plane?

And all around me, people chat

And people snack
Like nothing's happened
And I need to hear we're going back
Before I go insane
Good morning. I'm Captain Bass. I've just heard from the airline.
Now I know this is going to be hard to hear,
But the American airspace remains closed.
I can't tell you how long we'll be on the
Ground. But, we are gonna be here for some time

Here for some time

Here for some time

Here for too long

Here for how long
When will we know
When will we know

How much longer?
Beulah. Wait. Can you help me find a Catholic church?
I can't sit here. I need to get some air
Let's go see where we are. The sun's out. It'll do you good
Seriously? You know what,
Go get lost in the woods. I'm going to be ready when we leave
And it's somehow like we're stuck
Here at a messed up costume party
And there's nothing here familiar
Far away from those you care for
On an isolated island in between
There and here

There and here

Writer(s): David Carl Hein, Irene Sankoff
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