Double Heartbreak (feat. Gotye) - Billy Badnewz feat. Gotye


Billy Badnewz


What Up Lexi Banks

Double Heartbreak


You was new in town,
You came from out of town, out state,
And always turning heads when you came around,
Niggas hated cause we connected and started dating,
Never affected by all the rumors they started making,
Like Billy was with another girl up in the mall,
They couldn't tell that was you,
And we just laughed it off,
And like, Billy was at my homegirl crib
Doing some shit we never did,
Saying that to get you pissed,
They ain't notice,
We already knew they motive
Wasn't suppose to,
Make us end, break us up,
But then you started giving in,
Especially when I had to switch up my schools
For breaking the rules,
That's when you started switching your moods,
Fucking with fools,
Everyone knew that you was sexing,
What wasn't cool, Telling people you was expecting,
And that it was mine,
Just to have my next girl tripping,
But you knew I wore my strap trying to catch me slipping

Excusing momma,
You know I don't really call women bitches like that,
But they out there,

Double Heartbreak

That was the first crack,
I started taping myself back together,
Getting my mind right,

Ever, Ever,
Ever feel like,
You found your match?
Our desires was burning,
For each other, bodies was yearning,
We was young and learning,
Niggas thought you was nothing,
But I thought you was bad,
We had something that was special,
And had these bitches mad,
I was with you and not them, you know the jealous,
We put a lock on our love and threw away the key,
Niggas was wanting you,
Bitches was wanting me,
We started having up and down hills like Beverly,
Break up one day,
Next day, then we go back out,
Late nights,
Use to stay up all night and blow your back out,
That was us,
Use to fight and fuck,
What happened to the trust?
Down the drain,
Shit just wasn't the same,
Who to blame?
Maybe the both of us,
Did each other wrong,
Dreams of lasting long,
Like the Wall of China
Feelings was major,
Your new nigga minor,
But you can tell,
But I just fell back like a recliner
Cause I tried,
And we couldn't put our mistakes behind us,
So we done

I didn't want it to be,
But it had to be

That was the second shatter

I don't know if I'm putting myself together after this one

Double Heartbreak


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