Long Burn the Fire - Beastie Boys

This is it y'all, some nasty shit,
Bring it!
Jump out the window on
My style is iller than the gallows in
I'm the type of mc with the most possessed
You stealing my book like I was Grandmaster
I got rhymes about antihistamines and analgesics
Long lung expectorants
Y'all don't see it
Sooth sayer not a player
Rhymes say you're extreme
Long white fire when I step on the scene
I got shark's teeth so I can bite your head
I got tiger's claws so I can scratch your dick
I got wings like a dragon when I'm flying above
Shoot venom from my eyes when it's time to get rough
Step back and check yourself
'Cause MC's got weapons that'll ruin your health
So if you're feeling strong, then reach for yours
My book is my shield and my mic is my sword
Now, it's Adrock rapine and I'm back again
Like a big mac attack on your gut
And that's whack my friend
I'm a master relaxer and I'm chilling
I take that shit serious like Jerome to grilling
I burn you to a crisp sucker back up off the toaster

I make you sick like a Kenny Rogers roaster
See this rap thing is all about the braggadocia
I check my rear view, MCs ain't gettin closer
People think I'm slow cause I'm just don't want to challenge
My man is a wonderful talent
Live round the clock like disco donut
I'm like a tailor cause I got the thing sewn-up
Or a proctologist, I move asses
Got so much heat that I'll fog your Mom's glasses
Proof is in the pudding and the pudding's in my pants
You heard me rap and now watch me dance
Save the dateyou can hear I
Been in the game and the game's still on
It's not tic-tac-toe or Operation
Just holding it down like the gravitation
Adrock's in the bathroom
Straight up nuts like my name is Mike Pacini
Bona-fide household name like Sergio Georgini
Good thing we're here hell
I'm running wild like rats in the Taco Bell
On the mic I spit, the match is lit
Mike Dino: The Jewish Brad Pitt
Making music for librarians and burly jocks
The rapper Mike D known for curly locks

Writer(s): Horovitz Adam Keefe, Diamond Michael Louis, Yauch Adam Nathaniel
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