Lions In The Forest - DJ Muggs & Planet Asia feat. B-Real

(Feat. B-Real)

[Planet Asia]
Yo, slap-box 52, hand combat, man down
Now you getting treated like a liquid youth
Pearl handle, black ruger popping up
It's the return of the Trench Coat Mafia
You got a clique but I bet they won't die for ya
Last nigga that fronted I moved more Khadafi them
I'm busting lead in, Armageddon, God is seven
Top of the dome is embedded
I set it, step in the realms and get sweat it
My foes get beheaded, live wit no edits, shred it
Negative thoughts about the G-O-D you betta dead it
Cuz that's bad credit
All night me on the mic is athletic
High heights seeing my sight is like heaven
Fire fly, flying higher flights a bad weather
Whateva, get it together, my neck leather
Once again welcome to the f**king next level
Metal plus nada, stretch limousine
Machine guns running up wit 26 fillings
F**k everything tho, we fight for the children

(Chorus) Planet Asia 2x
Ten steps - draw - who want war?
Raise your swords and prepare for the Lords
Running around like 'Lions In the Forrest'
But we came to conquer the lands just like wars

[Planet Asia]
I'm throwing blind guillotines for Philistine
Came wit an iller team to run up in ya castle and kill ya King
I'm doing my thing, dance wit the Lord in the rain
Standing firm in the square like Butterbean
I'm hotter then Shambhala
Draw swords, perform makada
Rude boy shot up the top dolla
I'm not a fake ass that's not solid
I got it, to say I'm the hottest is just modest
My asses could melt down anything
So anything in my lane mane, I'm killing it
Two bottles of jewels, once spooned an ignorant
It's the vigilant spit, chemist is injuring
Any chump wanna act bigger then I ---
Is getting victimized and that's minimum
Emcees who wanna compete, I'll take ten of 'em
Clowns in the streets want heat, I got dillinger's
And that's how it really goes
Soak if I'm really wit it
And stop looking at the mothaf**king videos
Choose yo weapon, my tools is lesson
True connection, wrong, you lost all your profession

(Chorus) Planet Asia 2x

Let the rhythm hit 'em, chew 'em up, spit 'em out
Get 'em out, let's see if the barrel will fit in his mouth
Hear the lion roar, watchu crying for?
Don't let the hot gates open the iron door
I'm the king of the jungle, so ready to rumble
Gun shots put the room on humble
I flip beats and make the words tumble
And flip bricks and not sleep on a bundle
Claiming you raw off the chain, homie I'm off the board
Dunk in yo face; I'm the Lord of War
I'm so much more; you bitches will neva step up
I neva let up, you f**kas will neva get up
Ice in my veins, ice on my chains
I'm nice in the lane, think twice 'fore you range
Shoot around like Tice in the game, you crap out
Break your bones when I make you tap out

(Chorus) Planet Asia 2x

Writer(s): Writer Unknown, Muggerud Larry E
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