Bring It Back - 8Ball & MJG

Oh, I know what they won't do. Uh-Oh Yeah-Yea
Oh, It's bout to be a problem (that's right) It's your boy Nitti
I'm with my big bruh 8 ball and MJG
It's that new shit nigga (wow)
Let's go

What it sound like - sound like money (like money)
What it look like - look like money (like money)
What it feel like - feel like money (like money) (ayye)
What it is real life make a nigga money

Tell the dj bring it back (tell the dj bring it back)
Tell the dj bring it back (tell the dj bring it back)
Tell the dj bring it back (tell the dj bring it back)
Tell the dj bring it back (tell the dj bring it back)

What it sound like crispy 20's being counted out
Shout it out mayne we done made it through another drought
Celebrate haters can't bring me down if you want do it
Not chu fixin to see me now all in face yea with my gold mouth
There niggas thought we was gone like J.D hair but we still in your ear
Reference to So So Def founder/CEO and creator of Global 14, producer and rapper Jermaine Dupri, who was...
Throwing memphis in the air on the space shuttle weed got me way up there
I swear I ain't rich but I feel like a billionaire hustle to I die
Yea fuck around and but it there one licks two licks three licks four
Keep hit licks like I'm playin' a guitar

I look, I smell, I taste like money it's a big big mistake ya try to take some from me
Just want it I shit it out 55 hundred then flush it down the toilet gaw
Damnit I gun it I'm PIMP TIGHT mj's stick wit' the benz though Ben told me "MJ write about the benz"
First let em know you keep around I'll be in the crowd wit' em if I'm sweatin' you too hard
Take a paper towel wit' 'em ride loose bowels wit em leave em in the trash
Can hundred thou for the trash man I'mma bad man (Ha Ha Ha) hell even worse trick she use
It not want it that's when I used to fuck with her forget her cause...

I got all kind of cash, yes, gold rover range
The girls sell me fast, road runner brings (beep beep)
Dro and Eightball in a whole 'nother lane (watch out)
The trap taking MJG, a whole 'nother theme
Chevy with the [?] dont forget to spray it down
Coming out hard, tell them bitches lay it down
My wrist weigh a pound, I got stupid ass jewelry
Gettin Quarter mil, in the coupe it's that serious
I hit a hatin, hatin I got superman hear
Blue and Red Lamborghini, Superman gear
Polo Polo Polo I been doin' that for years
If you smell like money, you can touch it don't be scared Young Dro

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