Zoovier - Fetty Wap

Yeaaah baby!
Zoo Zoo!

I pull up in my beamer
I ball and start to flexin'
Used to stay in the traphouse
We servin' fiends they breakfast

All I do is count money
My lil brother stretch it
Don't get shit on my hands now
My shits too fuckin' special

Big ZooWap from the bando
I'm sendin' you a message
Everything that I land on
I swear to God I smash it

And my whole damn camp on
I heat it up then pass it
Every beat that I wap on
I put it in a casket

Hit the gas on my spaceship
I hate waitin' in traffic
Like they all at a standstill
My ZooWap fuckin' passin'

Chaos pull out that 40
He doing too much yappin'
I am G.M.O.B
We folkland get it crackin'

How you stand on yo block
Without yo pistol boy you lackin'
Pillow talk to them bitches
Bout me boy I'll found out faster

How you stand on yo block
Without yo pistol boy you lackin'
So don't talk to them bitches
Bout me boy I'll found out faster (Aye)

Bands all in my Robyn jeans
Niggas trynna rob me
Fuck nigga betta' duck
Fo' I get the Tommy

Ridin' in the drop top with a mami'
Hunnid bands Imma drop soon on my timepeice

Tints all on my beamer boy
ZooWap I'm so special
Came on up from nothing
Now it's money in my dresser

Only jeans I rock
I waste five hunnid just to dress up
Stupid live in the woods
ZooWap rollin' faster

Had to tip my fuckin' six
I floor it, it go faster
ZooWap from the trap
I swear my sack is a disaster

Different color twelve twelve
Skinnys in a plastic
You gon' need a fuckin' phantom
If you trynna match it
Grit and dice on twenty eight
Trappin' out the mansion

Old school days
Box chevy for my grandma
All I wanna do is whip
And put ZooWap on the landmark
Through these streets I'm movin quick
Like Big ZooWap a land shark

Talkin shit can't leave yo block
That's how you get yo landmark
Heavy cheese, my neck on freeze
And Gucci Mane my role model

Everytime I hit the club
We pop atleast bout' four bottles
Everytime we leave the club
You see all the hoes follow

If that nigga actin crazy
He gon' get the whole hollow
ZooWap I don't give a fuck
Got sympathy for nobody
All they gotta do is cut the check
I go get bout' four raris'

ZooWap I'm the motherfuckin' best compared to nobody
Laser tips will beam you up
But baby weon' know scotty
ZooWap I'm the motherfuckin' best compared to nobody
All they gotta do is cut the check
I go get four raris'
Laser tips will beam me up
But baby weon' know scotty

Squad shit nigga!
D-Dice ion know about these niggas man.
1738 we the fuckin' great!
ZooWap, D-Dice, Montana Bucks.
Ha ha haa. (Aye/Aye/Aye/Aye/Aye)

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