Let Me Love You - Zayn Malik

Baby, I just don't het it.
Do you enjoy being hurt?
I know you smell the perfume
The make-up on his shirt.

You don't believe his stories.
You know that they're all lies.
Bad as you are you stick around
And I just dont know why.

If I was your man, baby
You never worry about what I'd do.
I'd be comin home back to you.
Every night, do you right.

You're the type of woman
Who deserves good things.
Fist-full of diamonds
Hand full of rings.
Baby you're a star,
I just wanna show you you are.
You should let me love you.
Let me be the one to,
Give you everything you want and need.

Baby, good love and protection.
Make me your selection.
Show you the way loves supposed to be.
Baby, you should let me love you.
Love you...

You're true beauty's description
Look so good that it hurts.
You're a dime plus ninty-nine.
And it's a shame...
You don't even know what you're worth.

Everywhere you go, they stop and stare.
'Cos you're bad and it shows.
From your head to your toes.
Out of control, baby, you know.
Baby, you never worry about what I do.

I be comin' home, back to you.
Every night, do you right.

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