War - OutKast

Get the fuck up off me nigga!
As I struggle to keep my balance and composure
I'm 'posed to propose a toast to the players on every coast of
The lyrical rollercoaster, Mind Bender
'Stead of watching these sucker emcees
I'm seeing just how they're lyin' to the general population
Don't be patient, get up and stand up for your life
Do you agree or understand that we lost some rights since 1-1-9?
Come dumb, come young, come blind
Unwind, confined to the situation we facin', 'cause it's time
Tic, Tic Boom!

Tic, boom, tic, tic, boom!
Tic, boom, tic, tic, boom!
Tic, boom, tic, tic, boom!
Tic, boom, tic, tic, boom!

When will we all, awake up out of this dream
Come here and smell the Folgers, the soldiers
The human beings, man acting as if he was the Supreme Being
Clocking the souls of men out like he was G.O.D. and W.A.R.
There will be no tomorrow, but sorrow and horror will follow
The hollow hearts battle for dollars
Politicians, modern-day magicians, physicians of death
More health care for poor health who makin' us ill?
They making us kill, it's makin' me spill my guts

Chill, big lay in the cut, for what I refuse to sit in the backseat and get handled
Like I do nothing all day but sit around and watch the Cartoon Channel
I'll rap about the presidential election and the scandal that followed
And we all watched the nation as it swallowed and chalked it up
Basically, America, you got fucked
The media shucked and jived, now we stuck, damn!

Operation Anaconda: ask yourself
Was it full of bleeps and blunders?
Did they ever find Osama?
And why in the fuck did Daniel Pearl have to pay
The price for his life and his wife plead twice?
See Al-Amin got a life and Fred got dead Hampton

To dampen the dream of the Panthers they got the answer
For ransom, as we breathe together, as we dream together
Count your blessings whenever you feel that things won't be no better
But it got to, he gave me this microphone so I must rock your brain waves
Airwaves energize and shock you
Y'all got me?
Well I got y'all long as I know you listening
I'm gon' always bring food for thought to the table in the kitchen
Now eat nigga!
Eat nigga!
Eat nigga!
Eat nigga!

Writer(s): Andre Benjamin, Antwan Patton, David Sheats
Lyrics powered by www.musixmatch.com


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