Maybe We Crazy - 50 Cent feat. DJ Whoo Kid

Yeah, uhuh, let's take 'em there, yeah

Sonny did ten years in the fed joint, he half way out
He ain't home, his ass in a halfway house
Correctional facilities don't correct shit
Cause the first thing he asked is who gotta get hit
A shoot out in 89' fucked up how he walk
He a grimey ass nigga, you should hear how he talk
Should shoot the shepard in the head and da sheep ill scatter
Let niggas talk cause action is all that matters
I asked about Barnes he sucked his teeth and said he was soft
Said the boys up in Otisville was breakin him off
Can you picture him in the yard, niggas yokin him up
Treatin him like a pin cushion, pokin him up
He came home actin like he hard as fuck
Must want a first class ticket to see god Uh huh
He stick his chest out tellin' niggas he don't back down
Wait until he find out Sonny's back 'round

Maybe we crazy, but this is the way we came up
Nigga front, that somethin gon go down
Nigga stunt, cruise to this bitch if you want
Without a strap, and you gon getcha ass layed down

My nigga Los comin home soon he up there in Fort Dix
It's on when he come home cause he can get 'nuff bricks
I was young he taught me not to run, I popped my gun par
You can ask Scarlata??? and Amar
Them niggas used to hit banks back in the days
They embedded in my brain young crime does pay
New Cadillacs and Bonnevilles the very next day
I just look and learn, I ain't have much to say
Legs ill squeeze the life out you like a boa constrictor
Fuck a headlock, im talking bout extortion nigga
Apply pressure, its hot, get the fuck out the kitchen
When niggas pay you every Friday you ain't got to stick em
At the dice game if Ace roll a six it's no problem
But if he roll a ace he gon pull out and rob him
Losin, a little is alot, when niggas is starvin'
Man the drama in my hood is goin down regardless

Everbody know Education shot Jamal over short paper
He on the run you want a nigga hit son he'll take it
Heard Wise got shot up over some punk shit
In the club beefin' with niggas over some dumb bitch
They say Willy was caked up off them credit card scams
Started a pyramid, the nigga took the money and ran
Heard he was outta town ridin round in the pound
Chrome spinnin' 545 I no lie ask how
Out on VA, Hampton homecoming he cruise by
He run in to the niggas that he beat, he gon die
E must've caught a jooks the D's flashin' his mugshot
You know it's his M.O. to run up in them crack spots
His sister, she aight, big hips, lil waist, big tits
Pretty face, we fucked on the staircase
Lisa that's my bitch she freak off with a nigga, shit
Man I gotta call that bitch

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