Speech Therapy - Speech Debelle

I made some mistakes in my life that I m not proud of see
And I hope that doesn t mean now I m trying it will be harder for me
I been hurt and its not an excuse but it s a reason
It s like some things happen in life for a lifetime or a season
And I m just now learning how this world really works
There s a law that says you get back what you put forth
All this running around doing nothing aint good for me man
Its stupidity so this mirrors up and it s looking at me
I m sorry mum for all the times that I made you cry
And its been said before in songs but you are my life
So if you really wanna move away and not work so hard
How can I tell you know this is my blessings mum
And you don t have to worry about me I m doing music now
It s the truth it s from my heart I hope it makes you proud
I haven t made you proud in such a long long time
That s why I m gonna stand by gran as long as I m alive
Nobody s gonna hurt her even though there trying
And nobody s gonna hurt you ever as long as this sun shines
And hell would have to freeze over before I take that back
This is my speech therapy, this isn t rap

I m not there yet I m still trying to fix my faults
Trying to pick sense from nonsense that s what I was taught
So many roads I ve walked I ve learnt so much so many thoughts
Bout who I really wanna be I guess it s now I m sure
I just wanna be love it takes a lot to say that
Cause I don t wanna be judged please don t judge me wrong
Even though I judge my father through a whole song
He s just a man I need to be mature and understand
Frenchie stay on this earth longer please
I can t believe your dying I can keep from crying
You mean a lot to me I owe you this whole album
I owe so many this album I owe the world man
I use to think the world owed me that s why I gained nothing
Use to feel sorry for myself man I tell you something
The day I changed my life is the day I learned pain is love
What I went through is my strength and that s what keeps me up
So I ll keep this fire burning lighting up my life
And to everyone who believes in me I ll do you right
Starting here today with these words on this paper back
I understand this is my speech therapy this aint rap

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