Working Weak - Speech Debelle

The screams from my alarm scares the sleep from me
It s my sleep thief it steals dreams from me
It s an invention invented with the intention of compelling
The most innocent of women to start swearing
I got a word with four letters to describe all the bullshit I heard on these four days of work
Jackie from HR is soon to give birth so there backed up like brick wall or black boys on a curb
Or at least that s why I heard anyway outside in the smokers haunt earlier today
Until light rain landing right on my b&h the water that wetted it made it hard to inhale
Four minutes more life is what a smoker would say like Jackie in admin who drinks 2 litres a day
I know this because a little game I like to play
I waste time and gaze at the water cooler but today is my bestest day of the week so far
It starts with f and ends with liquor
For tonight we laugh we joke and play hard

Every day it is the same show my boss is an a hole but I m on the pay role so I guess I ll just stay

Can I tell time is what he know wants to know
I m suppose to start at nine but its nine two 0
But it s not my fault it s the fault of Blair cause I went to the bus stop and there weren t no bus there
So I went to the train station and guess what I saw
People doing kung fu just to get through the doors
Started fighting cussing and pulling hair and you know that I m farse so I was staying there
But now he s looking at me like I m a liar but if he calls me that then I will get fired
Cause even though it s true I won t except that no name calling that was in my contract
But I m a good worker file all my files on time
Don t get my files mixed up with files that s not mine
Printed on both sides are the correct codes
And if he act like he don t know the I ll make him know
But today is my bestest day of the week by far
It starts with an f and ends with liquor for tonight we laugh we joke and play hard

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