Live & Learn - Speech Debelle

Life is learn live that's all it is
I been from school to kicked out sixth form to kicked out
Mums to kicked out doors don't open much
It's more like a bum rush I'm quick to throw thumps
I'm tired of the kicking come and sweet this
I'm not crying but I'm afraid to show pain I let it rain and nourish the soil I'm growing everyday
I'm like genesis and it begin with this
From the womb to the tomb I'll be writing in my room
Inspiration I'm looking but it will come soon
Cause I notice I'm affected at the site of full moons
As is above so is below as I get the call I'm ready to go I pick up the phone and
Let the lyrics be my speech therapy and let it all be married to the melody and let it carry me
I been working round about 3 months and
It don't feel like I've achieve much its
Not that its wrong but it don't feel right in front of my computer I'm ready to take flight
I know it's not just me we all want more flooded with the daily task that we ignore
If I could I'd let the sea caress my shore I'd give praise to the wind and the sum I'd adore
Cause under the full moons blossom black orchids bloom
In the bottom of bare barrels were theres barely room
Cause in towns were shots like cartoons for everyone that's dropped one will get through
It's the balance of life the equilibrium
In this game of life I am just another one
Sometime life moves slow like the hour hand
But the hour hand determines the time and I
Definitely determine my life small steps or big strides right
And I might be under pressure daily
Cause money keeps on hiding from me
It's funny even though the jokes on my happiness is free check the irony
But things must get better after every storm comes good weather
After every tear drop comes a release that's why I'm head over heel for these beats
I love these words rhythm and melody
Its heaven on earth forget what you heard its heaven on earth forget what you heard.

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