Wheels in Motion (feat. Roots Manuva) - Speech Debelle

I walk the night street with lost souls
We converse in common codes
So unload our desires and wishes
Sparking spliffs is more than a stimulant its how assimilate
Like at the back of the class charge it s only us
Teaches don t like it but they don t fight it instead they ignore it
We get no grades but don t look fazed when the exams come
It s like whatever act like it don t matter only mummy s face make you teeth chatter
And I remember when they told me I ll never make it
Too smart for my own good I get rude when they use there authority to abuse
I m born to prove that rules were made for the obedience of fools
And guidance was made for the wise so I get advice for those who live full and colourful lives
And think twice while watching what they tell I on they teli-vision yea
I see the way they pronounce the nouns
And listen to the way the vowels sound
Subliminal messages are allowed and executed by executives
Who throw pennies to beggars at London Bridge them is hypocrites

Those wheels are in motion
Those wheels keep on turning
Those wheels are in motion
Those wheels keep on turning

I walk the day streets in odd clothes with a cupboard full of new clothes that cost loads
But if you new the real me then you would no so
Old habits are now so so sales don t excite me like the use to
I find myself excited by sunsets but don t see them much
I m use to cold months and its getting chilly now
I m born and bred in south in a cook food house
My granny use to send a plate of food for the neighbour
But now I argue with neighbours for music played loud
And their kinky behaviour can be heard in my house
But build a house on a house you take the privacy out
Move the poor people in and then the rich move out
The working class keep the system moving but seem to be systematically loosing
Given no choices who can be choosing they saying use your vote
But I ve checked out the parties and I ve looked around
So if I vote for a choice then will my vote count
I am the silent vote so hear my voice now
Try and digest the truth but don t choke now and with the truth I bless this food

I got the magic touch the magic potion
And nothing powerful like words spoken
All together now the wheels in motion
All together now the wheels in motion

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