Spinnin' - Speech Debelle

This is for the tat on my wrist this is for the black of my fist
This is for the s in my lisp this is for my beating heart in my chest on the life yes
Life aint for the swift but for those who can endure it so i hold it with two hands im moorish
And I answer every time it is calling and you can see it in my aura
You can tell I'm a soldier you can see the strength in my eyes and I hope
You can feel the strength in my vibe cause sometimes I get tired
Cause its hard out here yo,
See it all boils down to the have and the have not's the things that you have or you aint got
Some people are overweight some people aint got no food on the plate
You can act like you don't know or don't wanna know what's past Pluto
But if you heads in the pillow and your buts in the air, they gonna put it right there yo.

The world keeps spinning changing the lives or people in it
Nobody knows where it will take us
But if hope it gets better better better

Everyday read the metro soaring bills and high petrol
House prices and inflation and I'm not too sure what's happening
Cause they say these are tough times and I say you aint gotta tell me
Cause I'm tired of opening the papers I don't even watch the TV
But no matter what happens I'm still an artist
Attached so close mosses cant part this
Hercules aint got the strength to make me let go of these beats
Cause a long time now I been doing this
Writing songs since way back school kids
And the only thing that's changed is the weather I'm still holding it together hey
You can act like you don't know or you don't wanna know what's past Pluto
But if you heads in the pillow and you buts in the air they gonna put it right there yo

One day I know that it
It will get better music is healing
I love the feeling
One day all people will be all equal
Until that day comes i'll just be singing my song

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