The Key - Speech Debelle

OK, I can see you held it down and learnt patience,
Cause some reasons are without their explanations,
This is my song so let me explain the situation,
But wont air your business out girl, cause that's a bait ting,
I seen you at the station like its work your going,
Money have fe mek so just keep doing what you're doing,
It's crazy cause together we could have made g's,
Cause I did and truthfully you bright like me,
The only real difference is you slyer than me,
Your need for attention makes you attract the beef,
Ironically I use to say you were a bad cow,
You a funny little girl with a funny little style,
I know you heard the truth I know you read between the lines,
I might circle the truth but I will not tell a lie,
I remember the time I came your yard with a knife,
I don't wanna tek life but I would of tek life,
But im bigger than that now I can walk from a row,
My days on road has shown me life is like gold,
And plus this world is big enough for us both,
I know you was down I also know that you coped,
I hope that mean you learnt to slow your roll,
And keep your mouth closed,
A proper attitude is better than fancy close,
So as the chapter close that's how the story goes,
As I've grown I've learnt that friends turn to foes.

I heard you got your yard now
Fully grown now
It's not an armshouse
Cause I ovastand
Ovastanding is the key key
Ovastanding is the key key
I heard you got your car now
I seen you round town
It's not a armshouse
Cause I ovastand
Ovastanding is the key key,
Ovastanding is the key key

I don't really care what you feel like
I aint got no time to waste on you
I don't really care what you wanna say
You can keep talking till your blue in the tooth

I'm getting older now starting to make sense of it,
Seeing the signs reading minds like hypnotist,
Understand the figures like arithmetics and my guess is,
People are bad mind,
Insecurity breads hate it's a fact find,
In fact im sure it's incurable,
Some people positive while some people are negative and totally oblivious to the harm they cause,
For every Malcom X there is a president bush,
For every ambitious soul, there's a coach potato,
Real said turn off the arcade man the games over,
This is the takeover taking the haters over,
Maybe if they had something else to do they wouldn't watch you,
Too busy with they bizz but now with kids having kids it's gonna get worse than this,
Only just realising what mama said,
By the sweat of mans brow he shall eat bread,
Stay focused on your path like a vegan dread,
And remember they hate to see you smile,
Your unique style, your everything there not,
If you sitting in a room with darkness and the lights come on
You'd have to cover your eyes, overstand the lines,
Check the paragraphs speaking in parables,
Call this the manual for caging animals the haters.

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