Fantastic Bird - Morrissey

So then you found your place
You say: "I wanna be the first standup
comedian in outer space"
Foot down in a fantastic bird, fantastic bird
Space is gonna thrill you
Space could even kill you
But space will never love you like I do

Reflecting light down to earth
Oh yes - and then some humour, too
Just enough to let us know we don't miss you
Have you checked the suspension
in your fantastic bird, fantastic bird?
Science engulfs you
Science then propels you
But science will never love you like I do

What brings you down to earth?
Oh yes, of course -
It was a lack of applause
Scrap metal for a fantastic bird
Science propelled you
Science still engulfs you
But science will never love you like I do

'Cuz when you land
All you want to hear is my voice:
"Hello, well done, I love you"
Don't you see?
Don't you see?

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