Legally Blonde - Legally Blonde the Musical (Original London Cast), Sheridan Smith & Alex Gaumond

Take back the books and pack up the clothes
Clear out the room and drop off the key
Leave with what's left of my dignity
Get in the car, and just go.

Chalk it all up to experience,
They said I'd fail but I disagreed
Who could say then where my path would lead?

Well now I know

Back to the sun, back to the shore

Back to what I was before

Back where I'm known
Back in my own very small pond

Laugh with my friends when I arrive
We'll drop the top and just drive.
That's fine with me, just let me be
Legally blonde.
Thanks for your help and for all you've done,
Thank you for treating me decently.
What's wrong?
Maybe someday you can visit me
Give me a call, say hello
Wait, where are you going?
I'm sorry I'm letting down everyone.
What brought on this?
You did your best with a hopeless case.
That's ludicrous
You are the best thing about this place.
Elle Now you should know -
He what?
He kissed me, he fired me, he made it very clear there's no reason for me to stay
What about love?
I never mentioned love
The timings bad I know
But perhaps if I'd made it more clear
That you belong right here
You wouldn't have to go
Cause you know that I'm so much in love.
Please don't go.
Please open the door
We both know we're worth so much more.
Back to the sun, back to the shore.
Back to who I was before.
Lay on the beach, dream within reach
Don't stray beyond
Some girls fight hard, some face the trial, some girls were just meant to smile
If you can hear, can I just say, how much I want you to stay?
It's not up to me
Just let me be
Legally blonde.
I need you to stay.
It's not up to me
Just let me be
Legally blonde.

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