Serious - Legally Blonde the Musical (Original London Cast), Sheridan Smith & Duncan James

We both know why we're here
I see it in your eyes
I guess, it calms my fear
To know it's not a surprise

I thought one look at you
Looking like a dream come true
Would leave me speechless
Like you always do

But now, we're wide awake
We've got some plans to make
Let's take some action, baby

So, baby, give me your hand
I've got some dreams to make true
I've got the future all planned
It's time to get serious
Time to get serious with you

I never thought that I
Oh honey, I'm not finished
Oh, sorry

Since, I was two or three
My life was planned out neat
I'd get my law degree, yeah
And then win my senate seat

A big white house back east, oh, oh
All of the amenities, yeah
Three kids, at least
Just like the Kennedy's

Here's where our lives begin
Our lives begin
Just where do you fit in?
Fit me in

I'll break it down now, baby
So, baby, give me your hand
Oh, here's my hand, here's my hand

I've got some dreams to make true

We both have dreams to make true
I'll know that you'll understand
Oh yes, I understand
It's time to get serious, time to get serious with you

Serious, serious
Gotta wake up and take our journey
Serious, serious
I'm telling you as a future attorney, oh, oh

You want the moon and sky
Then take it, don't be shy, hey
Baby, that's why you and I
You and I should break up

Hey, baby, I'll give you my hand, we
What? You're breaking up with me?
I thought you were proposing

Elle, if I'm gonna be a senator when I'm thirty
I'm gonna need somebody, serious
Less of a Marilyn, more of a Jackie, serious
Somebody classy and not too tacky

Okay, that came out wrong
Baby, let's both be strong

I mean, we've known all along
Just shut up, what does that mean
I'm not a Jackie?
I'm not serious? But I am seriously in love with you

Baby, my future's all planned
I've got some dreams to make true
I thought that you'd understand
It's time to get serious, time to get serious, check please

Writer(s): Laurence O'keefe
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