So Bad - Cam’ron feat. Nicki Minaj & Yummy

I really thought we could've worked it out
Even gave us the benefit of doubt
But we couldn't stop playing around
Didn't understand, but I do now
Sometimes I wish that we could get it back
Because everyone deserves a second chance
But we can never go back like that
It's a shame how our good thing turned so bad
Too bad, baby
So sad
Look at all that we could've had
Just too bad

That's how you feelin', huh?
Caught in your feelings, huh?
I'm like the late great Aaliyah, one in a million ma
I was dealing ma, introduced you to dealing ma
You ain't even know a fan could go up on the ceiling ma
But that was yesterday
Them games I never play
Money, cars, clothes, ho's, all up on my resume (true)
You needed eighty bucks, you would call your baby up
I been about Cash Money, I'ma call Baby up
Or the the homie Slim, Mack and Weezy too
I spit fish grease, easy, I get greezy too
You my favorite book, I love reading you
But come through, true woo, is what you need to do

Ayo Cam, I'm the baddest bitch
You was actin' mad happy when you bagged this bitch
You was tellin my mother you loved me all the time
Pink Range you was pushing, that was sort of mine
Late night, New York, fried chicken spots and all
125th at Lennox outside the mall
Now you running round frontin' like you paid in full
My nigga, you ain't Rico, this ain't Paid in Full!
Okay, I mean I love you, I'm frontin', the feeling's mutual (come here)
But you ain't getting me back, man, you delusional!
I shoulda been left ya ass, huh?
Oh, that chicken head you fuckin' with? Ask her!

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