Posted At the Store - Yung Joc

Chorus: x2
Catch me in the hood posted at the store
Catch me in the hood posted at the store
Catch me in the hood posted at the store pistol on me lap on the phone counting dough
Yung joc: verse 1
Hey know the name they hear the swagg when they hear this shit they gone say he's baaaack
A hundred niggas we suited up did you here that bitch we tooted up
Sweet potatoes in the kitchen they cooking boy point em out point em out the fedds looking boy
I got boo-goo work but i never seen the shit i never touch the dough bitch no finger prints
Posted in the monte carlo with the t's i sold the davas on it went thrown some d's on it
Skittles and the thrax got it by the bo-lo's city on lock bitch put it in a choke hold
We gettin chickens i a breast man im not a charade menjoc dont confess man
And if you got some shit to got up off yah chest man you look sleepy hear some rest man
Yung ralph: verse 2
I be posted on the block wether rain or sunny yung ralph cleveland ave mr. get money mr. sick risk mr. crazy charm drought season work cost a leg and a arm
I be posted at the amoco getting cash yeah im parked at the pump but i aint pumping gas
I be on a mission making transitions on up the iner-state with bricks in my transmission
Running back to back to cars like a track meet army guns clip long like shaq feet
They call me shell shawty and i remember that it's summer time but my wrist bring december back
I heard a rumor out say i wont do shit but i keep goons around me i aint got to shoot shit
Joc roll the kush and a promote the lean billionaire status we repping swagg team
Now the cookie cutter cut the butter starter just like dauterman now camaband is sworming in they say im drug loitering
Smoking on a stem or yah spoking a coc-can still got the party bag so come and have a party
Flat shoals to bouldercrest so call me gazavalley man 98 caprice and it's sounding like the marching band
See i pack em and like pakistan the souljas in afghanistan it's gucci mane the african and im a black republican
See my watch is frosted flacks and my chain to casam call me gucci mane gamasam i come from burmaham
Thats my alabama atlanta riding in a phantom my purple lamb my purple phantom smoking green marijuana
And the aroma from the arizona stronger the phenomia call me gucci mane im looking at you baby girl im on
Cause i wont yah and i got yah got yah rite were i wont yah the aroma of the arizona stronger the phenomia gucci!

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