500 Horses - Yung Joc

I walk in my garage (yeah boy)
I got a lot of choices (yeah boy)
Should I ride the Benz
Or should I ride the Porsche
Ima ride the slab, cause it match my Air Forces
I need to build a stable, to hold all of my horses (yeah boy)
I got 455, imagine having two
Yeah, this is how it feels ridin' 500 horses
I can't hear the music, the pipe's too noisy
This is how it feels ridin' 500 horses
High speed chase twelve(?) can't catch me
Five hundred horses, that's a stampede
Young, rich, and thuggin' plus the whole hood?
Pullin' off the lot lookin' like I push big block
'69 Camaro 396 big block
All original interior I like my shit stock
I'm the way to MLK I gotta make a pit stop
Pull up to the rim shop flip flop, swag it out
Porsche truck super sport, take it to my partner's house
Four cups of that ocean spray, lookin like a tidal wave
No leans? check out what the title say
Harley Davidson truck pullin' up I got the right of way
Perforated leather smell like? in night or day
Connected all over the place, 52 United States
?, kiss my ass,? license plate
I walk in my garage, I got a lot of choices
Should I ride the Benz, or should I ride the Porsche?
Ima ride the slab, cause it match my Air Forces
I need to build a stable to hold all of my horses
I got 455, imagine havin' two, yeah
This is how it feels ridin' 500 horses
I can't hear the music, the pipe's too noisy
This is how it feels ridin' 500 horses
I got 500 horses, the whip got me giddyup
Where your top go? Man I had to get rid of her
Take your shoes off baby doll before you sit in here
Boom, then we gone, bout 150 m-p-h
Pullin out the old school, just so I can see 'em hate
Runnin through the city lights, watchin' for the city cops
Got these people breakin they neck to see my diddy bop
Could've had the 'maro but I'm always in the Challengers
10 stacks to race, do I have any challengers?
Wet like a?, 500 horses, that's 500 W's, I'm rackin' up on pink slips
You can tell them little ponies I got 500 horses
And when it come to hoes I got like 500 choices
Beat turned up loud
Lean in my cup
, Yeah the kush bag loud
Ran up my check, old school back in the shop again
Call momma candy tell 'em go back in my block again
Ooh, look I'm peelin out, lookin' like a star
Hit the club racked up, I might just buy the bar
Turbo twin pipe, hit the gas I'm on that fast shit
Money, money, money, money, all about that cash shit
Old schools, new schools, Lambos, Porsches
This is how it feels ridin' 500 horses

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