Acceptance Not Tolerance - Iskra

Acceptance Not Tolerance
Canada has taken steps to redefine the laws of marriage
Same sex unions are now possible throughout the nation.
Yet popular anti-gay sentiment exists on our streets to this day
One third of lesbians and gays are victims of violent aggression.

Why are you threatened
By one's choice of lover?
You say it is morally inferior
For the same sex to love another.

Your hatred affirms your values
Taught by faith-based institutions.
Your hatred is the result
Of myths and illusions.

Many have eyes but cannot see
Bigotry is a product of our society.
Prejudiced value systems
Imposed by religious orthodoxy.

The right wing openly denounce queer
Creating a culture of distrust and fear.
State parties sanctioning xenophobia
Promoting their supremacist utopia.

Gays and lesbians are a threat to innocent children'
Gays and lesbians are rampant with disease'
Gays and lesbians are corrupting society'
Gays and lesbians are the same as murderers and

The Bush administration
Spearheading a campaign of hate
Derailing progressive ideas
Promoting a tyrannical state.

Issuing regulations
Furthering discrimination
Constitutional amendments
Making queer illegal throughout the nation.

Benefits stripped from workers
Involved in same sex unions
Anti gay propaganda in the schools
More deranged conclusions

Who gave these bastards power?
Why do they control our lives?
What gives them the right to judge?
How long do we tolerate their lies?

Decent human beings must put a stop to this misery.
Equality and respect is crucial to our vision of a
Future society.

No tolerance for the bigotry of homophobes.
No tolerance for the violence they uphold.

No peace for those who will perpetuate cycles of hate
Its time to take a stand against the offenses they

Freedom to love.
Freedom to live.

Irrational suspicion or hatred is the threat to innocent children.
Extreme hostility via ignorance is the rampant disease.
Discrimination based on sexual orientation or identity is morally corrupt.
Those who promote homophobia are the murderers and thieves

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