I Be On That - DJ P Exclusivez feat. French Montana, Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, And Fabolous

Ass so fat I need a lapdance
Somebody tell the waitress bring some fuckin' racks in
The strippers runnin' to the pole when we back in
All gold Trinidad James on my Aston

Its me ho, its me ho
Walk up in this bitch, I fuck shit up then I leave ho
I be on that, I be on that
I be on that, I be on that

Okay, I walk up in this bitch, I fuck shit up, then I leave ho
Pay your car note or get some money for that weave ho
Forty-five hundred blow it there go double C's ho
Michael throw birkin bag if you tell me please ho
She gon' make that ass clap, pop that for a real nigga
I'm gon' throw that cash back, drop that on them real bitches
Murder on that pussy ho, I can't lie I kill bitches
You gon' get like every bag and every shoe if I deal with you
Young nigga ballin' like I fuckin hit the lottery
You just want the money shorty, you ain't gotta lie to me
All these nigga hatin' on me, know they wanna body me
Cause every time you see Meek Milly, I look like a robbery

Uhh, Haah?
These bitches study my style on the Come Up DVD
Nicki Dibiase, D.D.T
It's a rough ride, E.V.E
But I win nigga, easy three
Bad Bitch, illegal
These ugly bitches is really boostin' my ego
It's me ho, it's me ho
I'm so fucking famous I can't do shit on the D-low
Ya'll got everybody infiltrating negros
I don't believe 'em they lion like Leos
Everything these bitches doing I already did it
Watch my World Star interviews, then they mimic

Walk up in this bitch, I fuck shit up then I leave ho
Back on my old shit, tell them niggas breathe ho
Cuban on my collar thats a Rollie on my sleeve ho
They be swagger jackin taking styles niggas thieves ho
I fuck then I heave ho
Killed that shit now grieve ho
And dont expect no gifts tomorrow, this ain't Christmas Eve ho
I tell her like them pens we gon' get rich you just better believe ho
I make them gator bags and minked coat pet peeve ho
I guess thats just me ho
Asian chick named me-ho
Do her shit, do my bitch then you come do me ho
I be on that, representin' where you be born at
Real niggas can't beat em, gotta join that
Where my joint at?

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