Prison of Life - GFK

What I once felt. Have I been deceived?
Throughout my memories (you've tried too much X 2) to change me. Razor edges cutting the wire.
Which wire was it? All (I've got inside X 4).
(You took it all x 2).
What's the real question now? Is it me or is it you?
Picking into my head. Is it over yet?
Am I awake? All this time, things rearranged.
You've tried, tried too much.
But I want to give it all I can.
I've started from the start.
Throughout my memories (you've tried too much X 2) to destroy my view, destroy my goals, my visions.
No I will not let you do that.
All theses times I was told that I was wrong in this prison of a life. I was taught to bend down.
But my way isn't wrong anymore

Explanation: Like Shulasmith Firestone once said, we have to stop separating children from the adults. This separation is a relatively recent phenomenon. We should not idealize the past but we can say for sure that things have changed and maybe not for the better. We have to consider the fact that even today, phenoma like the teenage crisis or menopause don't exist in many cultures. We think that we should stop this categorization because we kill the creativity and the imagination of the young by doing this. We have to abolish this pattern and give them a real opportunity to become emancipated in this society.

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