Time and Space Compression - GFK

The state, even if it sometimes seems useless, is still the weapon of economic devices.
But, think of that, we share different goals.
We let them all the liberty they need in order to accomplish their dreams.
We have to consider that politics needs time and we must take it. It's all more than words.
For example, make internet yours.
It's a good weapon for this battle.
Spread those words. What we fight for, the revolution, is right in front of us now.
Make some efforts. We've got to find ways to break through. Now, try these tools.
Are we going to trust them?
No, try to start this fight.
Now, try to...
Are we going to trust them?
No, they'll want to fight when we'll see all their corruption and control.
This is the weakness of their scheme.
Are we fighting too much? No!
Inform new people each day.
Are they fighting too much? No!
Don't do what they want you to do.
Try to think by yourself.
This is the time for you to rise and for you to choose.

Explanation: Nowadays, we often hear that we should reduce the role of the state and give more responsibilities to the private sector. If it is true that governments are corrupt, corporate control does not guarantee more efficiency. It may sound possible when you think strictly in economic terms, but this can't be good for society as a whole. The poor will become poorer and poorer. In order to convince us, they say the government is almost obsolete. From our point of view, the situation is very different. We really think that by gaining back control of our political life, we can bring more equality to globalization. We must never forget that capitalism needs the support of the state in order to maintain a favourable economic climate and protect private property. We need to get more involved in politics. We have power in numbers. We can inject our vision of equity in the new world order.

Writer(s): gfk
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