Better Days - Speech Debelle

I'm slowly billing up a savings every day
Although it's hard to save when you getting low pay
I stop shouting so my days are kinda quite

I quite like it there, less violent with less lyings
I put in extra effort, change up the gear on 'em
I got the sails up and I'm steering 'em

I'm staying clear of 'em, you know who I'm talking 'bout
It's unnecessary for their names to leave my mouth
Words are power so I manifest the thought

Everything I think is what I thought
Everything I thought is what I feel
Everything I feel is what I am

A woman with nuff tings brewing, yeah
I got a half cup of hope and I'm sippin' slow
No more standing on the road 'cause that shit is old
I got no time for time, wasting time is precious
I only got time for studio session now

Change in my mind move so consistently
Tend to find I spend my time much more productively
Use to try and exercise my immortality
Change contains to better days
But I forgot that my blood could clot, my heart could stop

See, I been spending quite some time thinking 'bout life
And I been checking a couple things I need to get right
I been acting loose and not in every way
But in enough ways to put me in the wrong place

Or maybe the right place 'cause lessons learned in mistakes
And I been making some stupid decisions
Things were I was thinking man I wasn't thinking
Wasn't analyzing checking the big picture, yo

Same script but just a different cast
But if I re-write the present that's the past
I'm dealing with the cards I'm dealt
But I'm' dealing with different cards

To be in a different place ain't hard
Or at least not as hard seem anyway
So if you don't see my face around the way
Just pray I'm doing better things and hopefully
You can find them things inspiring seen

I'm trying to hold down the smoke and the drink
And I'm trying to get in the gym amongst other things
When my phone rings I'm scared of answering
'Cause the pull of the past is a proper hype ting

It's so alluring but I'm maturing
So when I travel in on the train, I by a ticket now
And when I'm ordering a drink, I just sip it now

I'm in no rush to go nowhere fast cause
Life seems when hell of a task
So I better buckle up and sink the clutch on it fast quick

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