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Justifyin' - Buddy Guy

I know where you've been
don't have to ask
you've been at it again
out shaking your ass
I ain't saying your lyin'
but you ain't just justifyin'
you're just feeding me something
I won't ever eat
your watermelon ain't got no seeds
what your selling i ain't buyin'
cause you just ain't justifyin'

Ooooooh ooooh justifyin' yayayaya

they got the grain
they got the crude
so many still hungry
ain't got no food
lots of babies cryin'
somebody justifyin'
good people are dyin'
somebody, somebody just ain't justifyin'
somebody, somebody, somebody keep on lyin'
woo hooo hoo hoo hoo
somebody, somebody ain't justifyin'

Writer(s): Tom Hambridge, Buddy Guy
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