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Adolescent Death - Rich Kids On LSD

Walkin' down the street,
Thinking only of himself.
He hated his life,
He hated everything else.
Lives his life in immoral poverty,
No ethics, no values, no security.
Adolescent Death, portrait of our time,
Kids wasting lives,
They're wasting their minds.
Adolescent Death, it's always the same,
Better think now or you'll go insane.
1, 2, 3, 4!
Now he's gotta get a job,
He's got nowhere to stay.
Can't take another week,
Not another day.
Filling out the application,
A biography of lies.
No hope for living now,
Praying that he dies.
Adolescent Death, pointed at your head,
Pressure pulls the trigger,
Then you're dead, ha, ha!
Adolescent Death, survival is the game.
Better think now or you'll go insane.

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