What Are Silly Girls Made Of - DJ Muggs

What are silly girls made of made of
A neck full of gold, material things huh
That's what silly girls are made of

On a scale of one to ten I seen a girl about a nine
A slave of mental death of only she was divine
Walking down my ex-block, the block munroe
I said, peace to her, the girl said hello
Well hell is low and the lowest you can go
Is thirty-two degrees, below zero
So I started to rain on this young girl's brain
Causin her a great mass of physical pain
She said, "tit for tat, step off my bra strap.
No diamonds, no gold, you cannot get a rap."
Then I said, "so what? ", as I grabbed her butt
She smiled for a while but her mouth kept shut
The girl is eighteen, just birthed a child
You're young in the brain and your thoughts are wild
You're on welfare, yo but you don't care
You say, "ftf is always there."
Yes ftf meaning face-to-face
The main headquarters of your local place
Where you collect your bi-weekly pay
To support the foolish habits you abuse everyday

What are silly girls made of made of
"Yeah that's right, I'm juicin em, I'm juicin em dry!"
Is that what silly girls are made of?

There has never been a dame in my entire life
My girlie, my ex, my next or my wife
There has never been one who tried to disrespect
Especially a member of the opposite sex
Yo bust it, there's somethin that I gotta let out
But I don't want to be known as ralph the blabbermouth
Silly girls, they think guys are soft
But all they wanna do, is knock their boots off
And just from obtaining the common sense
You can tell that the girlies seem rather quite dense
Other than dense they play slightly bold
But from the statements I made they could not uphold theyself
They break down, and they start to cry and said
"Oh! I don't believe this guy!"

Now what are silly girls made of made of
"It's all about the finances" "forget the romance"
Is that what silly girls are made of?

What are silly girls made of made of

"Guys with cash" "can rock my big a--"
Is that what silly girls are made of?

Silly girls on a strip, struttin back and forth
Watchin cars, thinkin of g'n off
Lookin for gentlemen, who they might swing
And attitudes, like you can get anything
You wear tight bodysuits under long coats
But ain't satisfied until a pervert slice your throat
You're young you're dumb and you used to be innocent
When young, now take a look at what you've become
A bloodsucker, trying to get all you can
Out the pocket of thenext girl's man
Just to clothe yourself in gold and jewelry
You wear tight jeans with attempts to lure me
Into your web, cause you're livin like a spider
And playin it off, like everything's oreida
You come out late at night and roam the streets
Like thiefs, stalkin a piece of flesh meat
Is that what you do for a living get paid?
C'mon, there's plenty of ways to get paid
But instead of living the life that's clean and sturdy
You'd rather go out and get your knees dirty

What are silly girls made of made of
"He better buy me some gold bamboozles" "and some fendi too"
Is that what silly girls are made of?

What are silly girls made of made of

First of all, don't leave home without it
Without what?
The gold card
I'm tryin to tell you now
I don't lay on my back for free
You know as they say
If you wanna taney
Ya gots ta pay

Yo what's up gorgeous, what's your name?
Baby let's talk about your assets first
Alright baby, well let's go for a ride in my new car
What kind of car you drivin baby?
I got a new yugo
A yugo? c'mere
You go, get in your yugo
And get on out of here!
Girlfriend, tell him about hisself
I don't believe him, he got champagne thoughts and bud light money
Bud light money? a yugo? a thirty-five hundred dollar car?
And you steppin to this? I take only benz's and better love
Forget about the love it's all about the money
So let's go put on our silk suits and step to the club tonight
That's where it's at
Yeah, money

Writer(s): Gary Grice, Patrick Harvey
Lyrics powered by www.musixmatch.com


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