Military Minds"

Stand in formation
My motherfucking real troopers
Lets do it like soldiers
All in together now
Hell yeah
No retreat no surrender
Death before dishonor motherfucker
Do it to them

Come on

Never got thuggish
Yes yes YES
Say whut
Westide eastside ride
Where you at?, where you at?
Where my real thugs?
Where you at?, where you at?
Where my real thugs?
Where you at?, where you at?
Where my real thugs?
Where you at? (Huhuhu)
The cases of a drug dealer
Real thugs, where you at?

Yo a motherfucking army
Do it to them
Do it to them
They love the way we do it to them
We do it to them

Suppress the revolution of premeditated scheme duce a drug called crack
To us ghetto teens Got a law for raw niggas now

Playa what it be like? When will niggas see they got us bleeding with 3 strikes Can't seem to focus
With violent thoughts
I wrote this

Got these devils petrified
Hiding from my hocus pocus
And so I learned to earn my currency
And over time Affiliated
Clearly click a military mind May god forgive us

Though we dwell inside a paradox
Thugged out and drug dealing

>From the womb to the block My live mind got me surviving 5 shots My 45 got me fortified with live rounds
When shit stick
We plot hits
When our block spits
All hail
Out on bail

Wrath of 2pacalypse Forever ghetto
Necessary picture food stamps

Outlaw thug niggas
Never left the boot camp

I'm a nigga for assignment
One of the suqads finest Skilled in gorilla warfare
And blessed

Work with firearm My rap shit

Contains sections of bomb sessions
Says I'm responsible for black smith and wessons Putting up on?? in the military state of mind Dangerous like chronic and yard when combined
Cocoa Brovas pan the borderline That's the sound and your dead son

Man to man
I'm facing the devil with a plan Judo stance
First glance

I'm making my advance Animal instincts

Intelligence of an assassin Mask my ninja style
Surround me ready to attack I react swiftly
What father taught me sticks with me Never forget the methods stick and move strictly Shit be seeming like its closing in
With no regrets I hold position
Cause I circles
I'm one of the chosen men Picture being put in position to move And you can't move
Cause your move is blocked by the knight at 12 O'clock
That's when the madness beings So I start to focusing
My thoughts on the war
Cause the rule is the law And the law that we live by is to stay true to self
In this case beady eye Why try
Everybody lie
About the block

True soldier mentality
This is how we rock and move Stick and move
Time to show what kinda nigga
Move or get moved on
Lets see whos strong In the days of the strange
Where nothing stays the same
With new faces come through with similar game And who you thought them
Really ain't they (echo)
Catching deja vu
Of the game people play It's a call for re-adjustment
Fine tune your positions
You slipping and tripping
Instead of bobbing and dipping Will never let this world of stress get me Taking breathing techniques
Slay you with tai chi What did you change
To get a break
In the world of snakes
And those who fake
Elimination I'm facing
Outlaw till I duck down From po po's bustin'
No one to trust in
Rushing to the goal line
Catch a nigga
Beat him
Treat him like he stole mine No swine
I'm a soldier
Told cha I control mine Time to take you back into time
Follow this here

One way out
This black hole
For this black soul
Shit is outta control
I'm fighting for my position
To be a fetus in this world I am entering And my face is sentencing for repentance Before my body was fully formed into a human I was already consuming weed
Cause my mom's use to smoke back in the 70's Maybe that's why in the 90's
I drop g's when I drop degrees When I ease across the block
With Pac And got all you niggas shot
You didn't think
Boot Camp click would link
With the outlaw minded
If you do you press rewind
And you can peep gorilla tactics in every line

And this is how we do it
Where my real thugs?
Where they at?
Let me see my real thugs
Where you at
Wont you see my real thugs
Where you at
Let me see my real thugs
Where u at
Where my real thugs
Let me see where you at
Tell me where my real thugs
Gots to see where you at
Where's my soldiers
Where you at
Where's my real soldiers
Where you at
Where my soldiers at
Where you at
Where you at
Get your strap my nigga
Where you at?
Where you at?
Where my soldiers at
Where you at?
Where you at?
Hit your thug niggas
Where you at?
With your strap
Where my soldiers at
With my true thug niggas
No longer drug dealers
Cause we now thug niggas
Where my soldiers at?
No longer drug dealers
Cause we now thug niggas
Let me
Where my
Where my soldiers at
Put your pistols in the air
Where my soldiers at
Put your guns up
Tell me where my soldiers at
Put your pistols in the air
Where my, soldiers
My true thug rollers
It just doesn't quit
This is that real hip hop shit
Fuck what you heard
From the ghetto to the 'burbs
Know we meant every word
Where my soldiers
Where my soldiers at
Where my soldiers
Where my soldiers at
Put your hand on your pistol
Point your pistols in the air
Where my soldiers at
Where my soldiers at
Where my soldiers
Where my soldiers at
Where my soldiers
Where my soldiers at
When Bob Dole and Deloris Tucker wanna know, where my soldiers at
Code Fo'

Writer(s): Tupac Amaru Shakur, Tekomin Williams, Marvin Darrell Harper, Darrell A Yates, Kenyatta S Blake
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