No Doubt - Erasure

No doubt, hold tight
To the break of dawn
To the break of light

I say yes yes y'all, to the right beat
Get up everybody's bout to leave their feet
Get down everybody's bout to loose their seat
I be huntin' down crews like Pacino in Heat
Putting psychology in your biology
No scientology dianetic anesthetic
You took bad advice kid, I'm mad precise
When it's time to get nice, I heat it up like spice


Come on let's be real you only think you can deal
That's why I'm holdin' the steel
I rock shit to make you feel like, damn that looks easy
Maybe I can do it, so you take a phat beat
And put your wack rhymes to it
And God only knows what can make you persue it
For those who can't dance and clap your hands to it


You tell me you're the baddest and you get the most cream
But tell me what's the status of your self esteem
You're frontin' on your jewels, and your Benz and your Lex
All the bodies that you caught, and all the females sex
Yes yes y'all, true indeed
The sight of the world keeps me high on weed
Makes my eyeballs bleed, but I must proceed
Yo that chick's good lookin' but she's hooked on speed
Buy your front row ticket watch the vultures feed
Get your culture free from the lust and greed


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