Superheroes - Stormzy

Don't die on me
I said

Young black king, don't die on me
You're my brother, you're my keeper
I need you to keep an eye on me
And no more fighting on the streets
Walking 'round with all this pride on me
Shit, shit's tough for us already
Know that you can still rely on me
Please, just stay alive for me

And my young black queens, don't quit now (Yeah)
You're the only ones that got us
I could never let my sis down
You been too strong, for too long
Yet, still you never sit down, wow
That's the power of your loving
And it's worthy of a king's crown
And still you never let your kings down

Even though more of the time, we don't deserve it
The picture isn't pretty but it's perfect
Tedious pressures, so then I curve it
Serena or Venus, the way I serve it
I'm Mallory Blackman, the way I sell books
I jump on the stage, and then the world looks
All that banging' on my door, had my girl shook
Now sorry officer, I only sell hooks
Leave me alone

Every little L I took, I hold it close to home
Live and you learn, they'll always hate me for my tone
For the shade of my skin
And not the courage of my bones
Now, I'm misunderstood
Now, I'm feeling like Nina Simone
The way I toured the world
Would have thought that I was Sims
See her on stage, I know that women can be kings
I know that's fucked, they're overlooking what you bring
I know shit's all good, but it's just the little things

Black queen you're immaculate
It's coming at the world
They ain't ready for your magic yet
And that was never your fault
Man, I guess they couldn't hack it, yeah
World domination, and you ain't even
Taken off your jacket yet
So effortlessly fabulous

And my young black kings I hope it pays off
Go and show 'em what you're made of
Trying to scare us with some things
That we are no longer afraid of
Men are superheroes, let me see you take off
I pray you never take your cape off

Even though more times we don't fly straight
If I trust you bro, I promise we gon' die great
Our burdens are heavy, but we ain't light weights
Our parents were legends, they had to migrate
So that's a reason not to sit around and chat shit
I'm from the place where Michael Dapaah made a smash hit
Where you can be a rapper, if you rap sick
They're screaming, "What a flippin' time to be a black Brit!"

We so alive, whole world gone out their minds
But no we ride, tried to push us all to the side
We know our rights
Now we get the whole of the pie, then go inside
When you see that Merky flag in the sky
Just know it's I

The way I topped the charts
Who would've thought that I was Dave
I am young, black, beautiful and brave
Know that it's fucked, they're overlooking what we gave
I know shit's all good, so we pray for better days

Pray they better than before (Better than before)
Young black king, you are everything and more (You are everything and more)
I know one song's not enough to settle scores (Not enough to settle scores)
But from the bottom of my heart
Man, I hope you're getting yours (Getting yours)
Man, I hope you're getting yours (Getting yours)

Young black queen, get your shine on
All I see is innovators, and a bag of icons
You can go and ask the whole world
Where they got they style from?
That's you, that's us, God's time
And he never gets the time wrong
I guess we just some ticking time bombs
We soon blow (Boom)

I can make my world come true
All my dreams will see me through
And if that won't get me down
My dreams will turn things all around
With a smile upon my face
I can see a better place
Doesn't matter what may come my way
Believe me now, I will win someday

Writer(s): Brian Steven Harris, Jonathan Lee, Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Junior, Nigel Philip Lowis, Alastair O'donnell, Natalie Jordan
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