Victim - DJ Muggs

[Chorus: Joan Davis]Just another victim of the... victim of the ghetto
Just Another victim, that's how it goes, ooh

[GZA]Heavy foot traffic jam the hallway all day
Adolescence workin for small pay
World so little, he could never leave his block
His home full of riddle, so he always need his glock
He coast with his eye open, keep his metal smokin
Young wasted minds, fiendin on dimes, cokin
Forgot kids quick to break rules, and known to make fools
Out of many, down the streets be more safe than school
There's no diploma, that can break him from the coma
A bloody war in the country, the youth hungry
On the corner, hyenas amongst me
Yabbin bout the stories, they be hearin, always swearin
Can't even spell the shit that he be wearin
Caught up in the silk web of material
Superficial stains ya brain tissue, that's the issue
The young is lost at their own cost, dreamin
Screamin how we never hold positions, that's the meanin
Brothers of murder victims share the same grief
The elderly shake their head in disbelief
And no relief came till I aimed
And blast one shot and left my name
The GZA... *echos*

[Njeri]My residence is a city where army veterans smoke rocks
On torn down blocks, drug spots set out their shops
And cops watch, innocent niggaz roam in flocks
Romanism in tops, papers and knots
Churches and liquor stores on every corner, plot to get money not
Some funny niggaz act like they could pop glocks and those who can't cop
Sisters givin up ass a lot, brothers givin up cash a lot
They be strugglin to become someone because their parents not
Just another victim of the ghetto, where lost minds settle
When the devil uncivils society and die free
With double 'W' followed by J-D around the necks
And wrists the God is now a dog, the earth is called a bitch
And all my people wish to get rich in this wilderness
To push a lexus, ice on everythin from rings and braclets to the necklaces
Children molested within these pest infested buildins
Thieves uneducated in these schools, paint on the ceilins
Peelin off, but all I see is lost black babies callin
"Please somebody save me, please somebody save me"

[Chorus x2]
[Outro: Joan Davis]Just another... just another... victim of the ghetto

Writer(s): Simon Oscroft, Darren Will, Demetrios Giannopoulos, Penn Badgley
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