This Life Ain't Easy (But It's the One That We All Got) - Stereophonics

Old friends, they grow old
Some don't make it at all
Those times, they were just gold
At the time, they were just small

And the moments we take in
And the hours that just pass
And the cities far apart
And the memories, they still last
Years we get busy

Caught up in this life
Of who we became
No time for thinking twice
If only someone said

That those days would sometimes end
We'd grow into something new
But we'd miss it in the blend

I got roses on my shades
My eyes are just a glaze
Responsibility was never, ever customary
Of innocent and free
Dream out loud and be
And you make me really see
This life ain't easy

But it's the one that we all got
Stories on the street
Tell me TV shows to see
And the music I should hear

Then you take me for a beer
Told me how you crashed your car
Told me how you went too far
No more drinking anymore
No more smoking, no more coke

Now the sun beats through my shades
And my eyes are just a glaze
And my house full of my girls
And my brains dizzy in a whirl

So much responsibility
Sometimes I cannot breathe
But it's the here and it's the now
I wouldn't change it for the world
'Cause this life ain't easy

But it's the one that we all got
All the choices that I made
And all the fuck-ups I had to face
All the minutes on my own

And the loneliness I owned
And the hours in my head
And the things I wish I'd said
That I love you more and more
But it came out wrong for sure

And this monkey on my back
Has been living here for years
I got to know him pretty well
He likes to give me all my fears

I'd like to make it on my own
But the friendship's strong within
And I hold that part so tight
'Cause it makes it all so clear
That this life ain't easy

But it's the one that we all got
This life ain't easy
But it's the one that we all got

Writer(s): Kelly Jones
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