You Ain't Gettin' None - Eve

(Verse 1)
First time I seen your face I was like damn
Put your arm around my waist I was like man
Gentle with the touch I ain't fuss still a strong hand
I ain't know if I should lust or play it like a man
True I'm human like you but gotta play it smart
Questions I gotta ask for we get this start
Pulse racing fast damn can you feel my heart?
Got me feeling wild yeah you doin your playa part
Tryin to feel you up excuse me I mean feel you out
What your life like? Tell me what your mind about
Oh you ain't even tryna share no secrets straight to biz
Wifey, baby mother, you got any kids?
One-word answers, oh I ain't feeling that
Dinner paid for American express black
But I'm a play it cool and let you think you running things
You seem official long as you ain't runnin names

You ain't getting none his touch it really turns me on
This message comes from me to you
Please stop touchin on me (you know you want it) but I got go x2

(Verse 2)
Listen baby you know that I'm attracted to you crazy
But I ain't gonna play stupid so you can try to play me
You ain't really tellin me shit and tryna slay me
And on the real this quiet shit is startin to drive me crazy
The only thing that's keepin me still is sex appeal
Strong but silent type is that you what the deal you
But you Know what I like on me gotta keep it real
Something in my mind sayin that you probably got the skills
But I ain't giving in, your friends they feminine
And I don't know how many of them you might be swimmin in
But them lips though make me wanna try my luck
Straight thug what I love and you got me stuck
Cause you dress right I'm supposed to be pressed right
But on the real you got me thinking if I could be blessed tonight
Let me stop thinking these things it's not polite
I wanna give it to you raw but I'ma put up a fight


(Verse 3)
From subliming on seduction not really touchin'
But like rubbin' actin like you wantin nothin
Your eyes say it all playboy but you no rushin'
Treat me like your pray only your sexual huntin'
I'm runnin' frontin cause really I'm wantin
To let you lay me down pound for pound we be crushin'
I'm tight vexed cause I'm really dwellin' on the sex
Chills up my spine the way you smellin up my neck
I'm like putty in your hands I gotta keep my composure
Plus I'm tryna remember how long I really known ya
You make it hard fightin you off is like a job
But I'm doin good so far body startin to throb
Should I give in ready to open my garage and let you park in the dark
But damn I gotta fight you off gotta roll out
But before I leave you need know
That dinner was lovely but I really gotta go'

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