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Look Horizon - John Cale

The bears are in the forest
The Pope's in Rome
I'm on a beach in Zanzibar
Or at least I'll be here soon
What a shame we carry with us
The residue of fools
Instead of better wisdom
And Advance Tools
We prefer to be standing
Looking out from higher ground
Breathing air to lift the spirits
Or racing balloons in the Alps
While on the beach in Zanzibar
We're struggling in the surf
Seeing the Look Horizon
Moving further away from us

And I close my eyes
I think it's me
Out on the Look Horizon where I found you.

Across the Nile
The Land of Pharaoh is digging up its past
The broken amulets of history
Strewn in our path

I feel like someone's watching
Through a window frame
A child prodding a wounded insect
Next to a cow in the pouring rain

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