Live for the Message - Speech Debelle

Live for the message, no gain without pain
It's all about wisdom more precise with the aim
Finger on the trigger, the metaphor is strength
I keep a watchful eye like cameras on the ends
But my hands are tied my job is entertainment
I won't promote the things I wouldn't put my name with
Honesty is proud so we fly it like the sparrows
I'm trying to get the knowledge luminated like the pharaohs
And I promise that I'd say it all on the right track
But you pushed back when the know you on that
But no one I love is a liar cut from the same yard of cloth as my mother
Cut from the same scars we get from one another
I always been a lover I always been a fighter
I always been one step ahead of the others
I always had the courage to do what I want.

I and I live for message
I and l know it only helps
I and I live for the message
Spiritual wealth

Live for the message hold a medi just to cope
We reason with the fam while we holding onto hope
Letting go of hype unless it's a certain night
'Cause a little fun is fair when you live a full life
We all want the belly leave nothing but the carcass
Spartans the man them what I spar wid
Smarter the chicks I'm around
'Cause you can waste time putting energy in clowns
See we don't really care what them gyal a wear
Or the way they do their hair that thinking is small
I prefer to think big my sight line is tall
When I got off my knees I was 20 feet tall
These basics are the logistics to not become a victim of the things that aint realistic
The pressure is more powerful than peer pressure it's ridiculous
I mean that shit is... fucking ridiculous.

I and I live for message
I and l know it only helps
I and I live for the message
Spiritual wealth

I live for the message I live for the rhymes
Watch where I'm living for the sign of the times.
Hard to tell the difference between truth and lies
It seems common sense is less common than it likes
I keep asking questions won't be satisfied
Until they taking away innocence lives
War is money yes money is nice but money is worth less than a productive life The body aint build for the worthless life
So I'm in the gym trying to get mines right
'Cause I have been foolish, I have abused, I often still do it but I'm only human
Certain things are slave food for the mind, pig's tail
Not good for the body, chemtrail
I decided I'd rap without fear and if that fails
I guess I'm get push to the back, ponytail

I and I live for message
I and l know it only helps
I and I live for the message
Spiritual wealth

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