Rock and Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) Part 2 / Knockers - Handsome Boy Modeling School feat. Lord Finesse, Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Rahzel, QBert, Grand Wizard Theodore & Jazzy Jay / Handsome Boy Modeling School feat. Tim Meadows

I am original DJ Jazzy Jay from
The mighty mighty Zulu Nation
First off, I'm gonna say my name is
Original scratch creator Grand Wizard Theodore
For those who don't know, I started back out in the '74
Afrika Bambata, Disco King Mario
Cool Herc, Grand Master Flash
And you know some of the pioneers
That did it back then, ya know
Hip hop is universal man, it all depends upon what ya do it
Hip hop is like what you call a bastard child of
A lot of different forms of music
I just feel good, that a lot of our bands are like
Are like, recognizing, ya know, the culture
We used to play these beats because
They used to drive us on the dance floor
And people don't really know that as a rock record
Until like the guitars come in and stuff like that
We didn't have no hip hop beats back in the days
We had to take it from everywhere, we can get it from
Its just trying to take it to another level
That what keeps the music new and keeps it fresh
As far as, ya know, rock is concerned man
I think rock is, ya know, a big part of hip hop man
Rock helped influence hip hop
Hip hop helped influence the world
La la la
La la la
La la la
Shh, yeah, hey
Shh, you hear me
Okay, listen
Yo, it's like a triple stage darkness, listen and drift
Every muscle in your skin starts to shake and shift
You can hate the gift but my phrase is dazed
Ya click spray your face when I spit, I mean it
You're just too conceited, repeatin' and repeatin'
You're a thugged out gangsta pimp 'till you believe it
Seems like there's too much pock, we don't need it
I'm cool on your heat, you can keep it
It's not a big secret, this is a game you can't win
You're singin' the same thing
Though we're bringin' the yen
So just close your eyes and pretend again
That your skin isn't as thin
As the skin you're in bitch
Give me a second just to spell it out
So nobody can twist what I'm talkin' about
I don't have to fake anything I feel because
We both know every word is real
So give me a second just to spell it out
So nobody can twist what I'm talkin' about
I don't have to fake anything I feel because
We both know every word is real
Right about now, the funk soul brother
Check it out now, the funk soul brother
Right about now, the funk soul brother
Check it out now, the funk soul brother
I got the skills of titanium, straight to the cranium
Try to play me, and we could go to war like Iranians
The deep cat, I speak rap
As long as the beat phat, my shit'll be off the meat rack
Lord Finesse, don't harass the guards
Spit four bars and piss on, like half your squad
So the savage, I don't gave batch
I don't harass if you niggaz
Playin' Russian roulette with automatics
See, on the street, I'm top in rank
Three words, when I get the dice, stop the bank
Bet against me, you get your cash to me
My street team, promote nothin' but ass whoopins
Hard headed, handsome boys, the lost niggaz
The type that sport the chicks on their arm like John Ritter
The bomb niggaz, being stabbing the third
Better play like Jehovah witness, just spreadin' the word
This sky opens wide, swallowing again
Once I am inside, I'm lost and can't pretend
These pictures in my mind are not a part of me
These memories all the time till I can hardly breathe
I can hardly breathe, I can hardly stop the memories
Nothing I can say or do
Will take away what I've been through
What you were is what I've come to be
Nothing you can say to me
Will take away these memories
What you were is what I've come to be
La la la
La la la
La la la
{They taught me to look beyond
The superficial at the Handsome Boy Modeling School
One of the things that I look for in a woman is you know, personality
And I look for a sense of humor
And you know knockers, I'm just kidding
Like I said, I, I used to look at a woman
You know, chestal area first}
{I mean, the things that I look for now
Is that I look for a woman with money
I look for a woman with long legs
Whereas before I used to focus on, knockers or}
{Wait one second my illegitimate son is here
Yes, yes son, you want one of these?
Well, you have to go to the Handsome Boy Modeling School
Where you can get one okay?
Okay, daddy's got to work some more now
You go back over there and sit in the trailer}

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