If I'm the Most Famous Boy You've Fucked Then Honey Yr in Trouble - Johnny Foreigner

Well I guess she's got her claws in you
Your shirt's all stained with blood
At least those talons held you up and oversaw, you understood
It never was the clubs you chose, the lines they let you cut
Let the gossip kids go f*ck themselves, it's all they'll ever get

I guess it's gonna be, a waste oh now you're gone

I wanna be sat in parks with girls with sunglasses and cocktails
I want the casual confidence that grows through knowing your own streets

So close your eyes
Stay out of the the bright lights, this is Berlin, this is NYC (Again!)
Oh close your eyes
Stay out of the the bright lights
Tonight is all we have

This, this is your summer.

I wanna get so displaced that I notice that the scenery's shifting
Let the doves cast shadows and the shadows cast spells on your own streets

So close your eyes
Get out of the bright lights, this is Cape Town, this is Tokyo (Again!)
Yeah close your eyes
Get out of the bright lights

Tonight is all we have

(Whoooooah!) [x2]

You know how jealous ex's get, you never stood a chance
Your old friends talk about it, they're convinced that it was bland
For all your blushing sentiment, they'll never understand
Take the chance to get out while you can

Writer(s): johnny foreigner
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