The Truce of Twilight - The Good, the Bad & the Queen

Enjoy it while it lasts because soon it will be different
Pernicious playgrounds and new age cultism
Outbreaks of optimism in care homes of England
The famous goodwill dumped in your fly tips so

Go raise your idols
Pull them out the marshes
Go give them sanctuary
Put them in your new builds
Because everything is now a live stream
And the noise is rising
Curtain twitchers can take out their sunscreen

It looks like it's come to rest

The truce of twilight
The echoes of the horned ooser
In a Southend caravan park from shore to pierhead
The twelve that follow on they are camping on the cliff top
They not dreaming just looking to midnight

Go fill your pockets now
With tomorrow's landfill
The Lions and Unicorns
Are sleeping out in shop doors
Outside dreamland
Glassy eyed demography
The smell of cut grass
The swallows are returning

And it look's like they've come to rest

Bring me my shell box and my submachine gun
'Cause you can't get over anything quite like this
Where the water is darker than the mirror of the sky
And Demis Roussos playing "Forever"
On the waterslide

Conscripted into ranks
Look what we have done
The feckless and the lazy
Look what we've become
Chicken collector man
Look what we have done
The fortune teller she sits with the starlings
Look what we've become
Oh the mass elopers turn to exhale
Look what we have done
In the dance schools of England
Look what we've become
In the dance schools of England
Look what we have done
In the dance schools of England

Writer(s): Damon Albarn, Simon Tong, Paul Gustave Simonon, Allen Anthony Oladipo
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